Five Things Friday 7.31.15

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Hey guys! Happy Friday and last day of July! Can you believe it? Only one more official month of summer left. Where does life go? Now that it is Thursday evening, I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and accomplish a few things that I have neglected lately. I apologize for not posting on Monday this week. I haven’t seemed to figure how to add more hours to the day! There has been so much on my mind lately with a new work schedule and figuring out a new normal. But I digress…how was your week? I hope you were able to take some walks, eat outside, go on a bike ride, or do something to enjoy this perfect weather we’ve been having. This week was a bit odd for me since I spent a couple nights in Madison in order to prevent commuting at 4 am to help out during the early morning shift at work. I spent the last half of the week sleep deprived unfortunately and I’m already looking forward to sleeping in and naps this weekend! What made your week great? Here are my top 5:

1. Having people you can lean on-Whether it’s someone who listens to you cry about your worries, makes you laugh when you really need it, or is willing to drive 45 minutes to bring you a spare key when you’ve locked yours in your car…those kind of people are what life is all about.

2. Finding a delicious new snack-Have you tried Epic bars yet? I was perusing Whole Foods on Wednesday and saw that they were on sale. I picked up a few to try since I had been curious about them since a friend of mine mentioned them. They are awesome! Think beef jerky, but so much better. They are made from 100% grass fed animal protein (beef, pork, bison, chicken) and have no scary preservatives or additives. Try them out and let me know what you think!

3. Hanging out with my sister a couple nights this week, working out together, and eating dinner while watching one of our favorite movies.

4. Spending Wednesday afternoon biking and walking around Madison, hanging out at the terrace, and taking in a perfect July afternoon with the one I love.

5. Looking forward to a weekend with no work and just enjoying the first couple days of August. I’m sure there will be a workout at CrossFit 608, lots of time outside in the beautiful weather, and more writing and reading!

Favorite Links:

Doing These 9 Uncomfortable Things Will Pay Off Forever-#7…ugh. There is nothing worse.

“Don’t Earn Your Food In The Gym” and Six Other Lessons I Wished I’d Learned Sooner-I love this.

More Being, Less Doing-This is fantastic. A beautiful read for today.

I hope you enjoy this August weekend and all that it has to offer! 🙂

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