The power of 3

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Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful first weekend of August! This weekend was completely rejuvenating and I just felt so incredibly happy. I was thankful that I wasn’t working, that the weather was sunny and warm, that I got to enjoy being outside, try something new, take a ridiculously long nap, drink iced coffee, sleep in, and appreciate the company around me. It was 100% stress-free and I feel ready to take on the week. How about you? I hope that your weekend provided you with plenty of down-time and fun!

Last Friday morning I found myself asking a health coaching client about areas of her life in which she feels out of balance. She took a few moments to think, and then admitted that joy, creativity, and spirituality were lacking. This wasn’t a surprise. I have found that these three components are strongly tied together and are often the ones that get tossed to the side. We don’t always allow ourselves time to create, be joyful, pray, or meditate. Our days are full. We have to work, run errands, workout, cook dinner, and also be a good mom, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, etc.

I know that when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated, more often than not, it’s because I’ve been neglecting those three areas of my life. But the really wonderful part is that when I put the focus back on just one of those things, it has an amazing ripple effect across every other realm of life. Whether I decide to focus on creativity (cooking a new recipe while listening to a playlist on Spotify), joy (spending the morning drinking coffee, reading, and writing for this blog), or spirituality (taking a walk by myself with no distractions, just me and a chat with God), each one has a profound way of creating balance in my life again.

I hope that you are experiencing plenty of joy, creativity, and spirituality in your life. And if you are feeling like one area is lacking over the others, I hope you allow yourself time this week to focus on it. Just remember that these areas of your life should never feel like work. You should never feel like it’s just another item on the to-do list. Placing focus on joy should bring you joy, laughter, fun, love, and fulfillment. When you allow yourself to express your creative side; you may lose track of time. You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated. Spending time meditating or doing whatever it is that reconnects with your spirituality, will leave you feeling connected, whole, calm, and never alone.

I hope you have a happy week and have fun creating, being joyful, and finding your calm!

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