There’s no place like home

socks and teasource

Good morning! How did your weekend turn out? I hope you are energized this Monday morning and ready to jump into the week. 🙂 If only I was ready to do just that! I need to remember to always give myself a buffer day between arriving home from a trip and going back into work. Not even really so much for the getting things done part, but sometimes you just need a vacation from the vacation. We spent yesterday on the road for about 10 hours and we tried to take as few breaks as possible in order to get back into town at a relatively decent hour. We both wanted to just get home, unpack, start laundry, eat an actual meal, and get to bed early before the work week began.

When we finally arrived home and dropped our bags on the floor, we both looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same exact thing. “It feels so good to be home.” After two very long days in the car and two other jammed packed days, the feeling of being home, in a familiar place…there’s just nothing else like it.

To eat actual food from your own kitchen. To shower in your own shower. To unpack and throw a load into the washer. To lay down in your own bed with your own pillow. All of these things are the smallest, most mundane things of our everyday. We would never think twice about them and what they mean to us. Until we leave and go explore somewhere new for a bit.

Traveling will always be a passion of mine and making it a priority in my life is very important to me. You learn about yourself. You learn about your relationships. You meet people you would have never met otherwise. You see new landscapes, architecture, and cultures. You get thrown out of your comfort zone. You get to be in awe of the world again. But maybe, for me, most of all, travel makes me realize just how good home can be.

So on this Monday morning, I hope you can appreciate the mundane things in your everyday and love the place you call home. See you Friday!

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