What I learned in August


Happy Tuesday and September 1st! Can you believe it? I love this month and I’m looking forward to enjoying the last summer days, eating meals outside, smelling fall scented candles, and trying to keep my focus on one day at a time. Yesterday I took some time to reflect on what I learned this past month, and I thought I would share those thoughts here. Nothing groundbreaking or profound, just a few things that were noteworthy for me.

Commuting 45-60 minutes to work every day will suck the living soul out of you.

Quick, easy, and delicious dinners like this and this will always come in handy.

Laughing will cure almost anything. I didn’t do enough of it this month and life just seems so much heavier without laughter.

TJMaxx is the best place for almost everything. Like workout clothes. And candles. And everything home-related. I love that store.

I spend too much time on social media. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone and decided no Facebook or Instagram this week. When I think about it, it adds nothing to my life. Sure, I may know what everyone is up to on a daily basis but I can do without the mindless scrolling for awhile.

Spending time alone is a non-negotiable. I know this about myself but yet I fail to put aside the time to just sit and be with my thoughts. This week I resolve to carve out this time.

What did you learn in August? What are you looking forward to this month? Hope your September 1st is awesome!

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