Five Things Friday 9.11.15

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Good morning and happy Friday! As I titled this post I realized that it’s been 14 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings. I, like most of us, remember exactly where I was the moment I heard news of the attacks. I was a freshman in high school and had just walked into my art class to find my teacher glued to the TV and news of the attacks being covered on the morning broadcast. I had no idea what had happened and couldn’t begin to imagine the effect these attacks would have on America. Until just a couple years ago, I had never met anyone in the Armed Forces. Now that I am dating someone who has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, I have an amazing appreciation for those that decide to fight for our country. I know that today you’ll remember where you were during that traumatic event and hopefully be able to thank someone in your life who is a first-responder or in the Armed Forces for their service.

In other news, how was your week? What went well? I hope that it wasn’t too crazy with trying to play catch-up after Monday’s holiday! What’s going on this weekend? I am going to be heading to St. Cloud, MN early tomorrow morning to watch Tom compete at The Granite Games! But first, I wanted to leave you with a few of my favorite reads this week! Enjoy and have a very happy weekend 🙂

A Sense of Place-“A sense of place is one of those important things to discover in your 20’s. It takes time and it will come from a mix of where you find identity in yourself (which is another whole topic), what means home to you, learning to find joy in each place you find yourself, and finding opportunities that only that place can offer you.” Such a good read this week. It opened up a whole new realization that I’ve been struggling with for the past few years. I haven’t found my “place” yet. What about you?

How to Deal With Assholes (with integrity and compassion)-“The interesting thing about assholes is that they expect you to either be an asshole in return, or cower before their aggression. They aren’t expecting stoic compassion.”

Suffering & Surrender-“Consciously and purposefully choose the direction of your life; direct your full energy towards that direction, and live in alignment with your intentions…and then let go of the rest.”

The Greatest Lessons from my 20’s-I loved reading all of Whitney’s posts that have to led up to her 29th birthday. With my 29th birthday just around the corner, her posts have inspired me to think about the lessons I’ve learned in my 20’s. It’s been an incredible decade and I’m looking forward to going into my last year of it with a lot of great things on the horizon.

Reading 30 Minutes a Week Can Make You Happier and Healthier-I believe this to be true in my own experience which is why I need to get back to reading more. 🙂

What’s Your Greatest Fear?-Not a read from the week but a video instead. I love SoulPancake’s work and this one was thought-provoking. What about you? How is that 10 year old so well spoken? And around 53 seconds…oh my goodness. It got me.

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