Five Things Friday 10.23.15

leaves on benchsource

Happy Friday! How did your week turn out? I hope you were able to enjoy the awesome weather we’ve been getting lately! I felt as though I was being pushed and/or dragged through the week. It went quickly but I was wanting there to be more hours in the day even when the days felt long. It makes no sense at all. I also was craving a legit caramel apple all week. A tart, granny smith apple smothered in caramel and Snickers pieces. Or Heath pieces. I’m flexible. I did pick up a caramel apple last night from the grocery store and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. But I’m still on the hunt for one with Snickers because they are just too good not to enjoy during this season. Anyways, what went well for you this week? Here are my top 5:

Getting back into workouts! My back is still tight but the pain is gone so I was able to do light power cleans and snatches 🙂 It feels great to lift a barbell again!

Delicious meals for dinner each night.

Beautiful weather every day! A redeeming quality to my commute is seeing all the trees in their peak. Fall is the most beautiful season.

Sleeping like a rock and taking naps more often.

Tom. Because when I was feeling awful on Monday he made all the calls to potential apartments and scheduled appointments for tomorrow. He always makes my life easier. I believe everyone should have a Tom.

Recipes in my future…

This kale pesto

These flourless peanut butter chocolate chip blondies

These Bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls

I hope your weekend is awesome and full of fall things!

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