Five Things Friday 11.20.15

leaves fallsource

Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope that it was productive but I also hope you had time for the things you enjoy too! It was a challenging week for me. The sun didn’t shine too much, the wind picked up, the temperatures dropped, and the threat of snow this evening has me worried for my commute back home. Also, anxiety over the looming holidays, how broke I am, and our upcoming move have me in a not-so-great mood. Eeek, super positive vibes coming from over here. So to say I’m excited to get this week over with would be an understatement! What helped you get through the week? Here are five things that I was grateful for:

Starting the day with a workout. If I don’t make myself get up at 5 am and get moving, it just won’t happen. I’m always glad when I get there and the group I get to workout with makes me laugh and have a good time.

Reading. I’m finally getting back into reading an actual book for a change. I missed it. A lot.

A nap that rejuvenates.

Baking while listening to T-Swift’s Fearless album. It’s an old favorite of mine and I found that listening to it while baking something with chocolate can be quite therapeutic.

Looking forward to the weekend. Brunch at The Baker House in Lake Geneva to celebrate my mom’s birthday and a Thanksgiving meal on Sunday evening with Tom’s family. A whole lot of food and great company. 🙂

I hope your weekend is a happy one!

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