Five Things Friday 12.4.15

happy snowsource

It’s Friday! We made it! How was your week? I hope that yours wasn’t too busy since December can get a bit out of hand with holiday parties, year-end to-do’s, and long work hours. Despite the craziness, I love this month. I love writing Christmas cards, getting creative with gifts, admiring Christmas lights, watching Elf, Bridget Jones, and Love Actually, and spending time with everyone I love. We just need a little snow, a little less hustle and bustle, and maybe a whole lot of this dark chocolate ginger bark. What are you loving this week? Here are my top 5:

The start of a new month-It will be a busy month with Tom’s Farewell party at CrossFit 608, moving to Madison and getting settled, making Christmas gifts, and sharing Christmas with my family but all good things!

Banana ice cream for dessert. It’s the best.

Reading blogs and getting inspired to cook up these sweet shitake peanut noodles with collard greens, this sweet potato lasagna, and this baked farro risotto with cauliflower.

Also, being inspired to write more this month with Life Captured’s December writing prompts. What do you think? Will you write more this month too?

I loved reading this post about happiness and why we should stop trying so hard to achieve it. I found it thought-provoking and it brought up a few questions for myself and how I value happiness. I’m guilty of placing too much significance on achievement which I have found out very quickly is a great way to be unhappy. What about you?

I hope you have a very happy weekend and do something Christmas-y to celebrate the season! 🙂

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