Five Things Friday 12.11.15

christmas lightssource

Happy Friday! Are you freaking out that there are only two weeks until Christmas? I mean, how can this be? I have not done any Christmas shopping, the apartment is a total catastrophe in the midst of getting ready to move, and I feel completely overwhelmed. I am terrified that Christmas Eve will come and I will be scrambling in the kitchen trying to make everyone’s gifts, frantically writing Christmas cards, and still trying to come up with something to give Tom because I have absolutely no ideas right now. And just writing this I feel my heart rate start to increase. Goodness me, I need to settle down. How have you been doing this week? I hope that you are feeling less stressed and enjoying this season. What went well for you this week? Here is what was noteworthy for me:

Working with some wonderful people. The clients that I get to work with each week are so kind, make me laugh, and are fun to coach. Helping someone get over their mental block for a box jump, pushing them outside their comfort zone, setting goals and a game plan for the new year are rewarding experiences. I’m glad I am in a position to help others.

Delicious meals. You must give this buffalo chicken casserole a try…we ate half of it at dinner one night. Also, a slow cooker beef stew and this southwest meatloaf made for some great, filling, and healthy meals.

Reading posts like this one definitely make me think twice about the way I spend my days. It’s so true. Life really does feel like it’s been speeding up. But when I look back on the year I spent in South Korea, it felt long and packed with new experiences. I feel like many of my days I am on autopilot-get up, go to the gym, eat breakfast, get ready for the day, work on my computer, run errands, drive to work, train clients. I haven’t done anything lately that has placed me out of my comfort zone. Thus the feeling of time flying by. What about you? What are your thoughts on this article?

Having a productive week. Writing my to-do lists down before I go to bed has helped me sleep better and has really helped me prioritize the day.

Looking forward to picking up our keys this weekend to our new apartment, a Christmas party at CrossFit 608, and hopefully some down time to read and nap.

I hope you have a happy weekend and that you do something to celebrate this season. 🙂

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