A year in review


As these final cold days of 2015 come to a close, I invite you to set time aside to sit, write, and reflect. I am always excited for the start of a new year. I look forward to the new experiences, travels, opportunities, and wisdom that a new year may promise. But before I look forward, I like to reflect back on the previous year and spend time thinking about what I’ve learned, struggled with, got better at, or how my perspective on certain things has changed. This week, find a quiet space, have a pen and paper handy (computers and phones work fine too), as well as something warm to drink (completely optional but it always helps), and begin your look back on 2015. Here are some of my favorite prompts and questions to get you started.

Memorable moments of the year

What are you proud of this year?

What was challenging for you?

What patterns can you identify?

Lessons you’ve learned

New skills you developed

What was your most common mental state this year?

Which worries turned out to be completely unnecessary?

Areas you would like to grow

How did your overall outlook on life evolve?

What new habits did you cultivate?

All set? Now, here are a few more prompts to help set you up for a great, fresh start to the year. 🙂

What theme would you like your new year to have?

What do you want to see, discover, or explore?

What skills do you want to learn, improve, or master?

What would you like to do more of this year?

What one thing, that if you started doing it today, would have the most positive impact on your life?

What one thing, that if you stopped doing it today, would have the most positive impact on your life?

Goals for 2016 (professionally/mentally/physically/spiritually/emotionally)

Happy writing! I hope your last days of 2015 are full of all good things!

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