3 things I want to do more of

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Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope that your weekend was a relaxing one with plenty of time to recharge. But if it wasn’t, I hope that you can allow yourself some time during the week to be alone, get organized, and be inspired. How is your week looking? As this month gets rolling in its usual fashion of busy-ness, I thought about the things that I want to do more of in my daily life. As I looked back on 2015 and reflected on my general emotional state during that year, I found that it was typically one of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed and rushed. I want to make small steps to change that and here are three things that I think will really help:

Read more. I am disappointed at how little I read last year. I love reading about other’s experiences, their insights, travels, as well as getting lost in a beautiful work of fiction. Currently, my sister is letting me borrow Shonda Rhimes’s book, Year of Yes. She loved it and I can’t wait to dive into it.

Go to church weekly. So far, I’ve been loving the messages from the sermons each week. The pastor inspired me to download a bible app to help allow daily scripture into my life. I’m hoping to grow more spiritually this year.

Meditate. After reading Dan Harris’s book, 10% happier, I realized that it might be time for me to try meditation. If Dan Harris can find time in his day to meditate, I can too. I would love to be able to feel less anxious each day and start to quiet the constant chatter in my head, even just a little.

What are some things you want to start incorporating into your daily life that will have a positive effect on your emotional state?

Before you go, here is a post to read for some inspiration this morning by an incredibly intelligent and motivating woman. I adore her posts and found this one to especially great! Enjoy 🙂 New Year’s Experiments

Have a wonderful week!

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