Friday things 2.5.16

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Happy Friday! How did your week go? I want to know all about it! What recipes did you try? What are you reading? What shows are you watching? I’m not watching The Bachelor this season and I’m so bummed. I work late on Mondays and can’t record it since I do not have a DVR. I hear only gossip bits from my clients but I want to be in the know! Every season is a complete disaster and I love being a part of it. Besides this, here are a few other things from my week…

Blending fresh brewed coffee with coconut oil and almond milk is my new favorite morning beverage.

Sweet potatoes with cashew butter, chia seeds, and shredded coconut has been my breakfast concoction lately. I see my sisters rolling their eyes and wondering if my hands have turned a new shade of orange. And yes, they have.

I love and simultaneously hate CrossFit. We have a complicated and ever-changing dynamic and it’s a topic I’ve put a lot of thought into lately.

I really want to see Brooklyn this weekend. I might have to go to a matinee on Saturday by myself. 🙂

I’m getting antsy to go on a trip. Travel always inspires a new perspective, excitement, and appreciation for life. We all need this. Where are you traveling this year?

There is an Indian restaurant just down the road from us and they make amazing malai kofta and garlic naan. It’s the perfect comfort food and I want to eat it every day.

This chai spiced almond cashew butter looks so delicious. I just worry about my food processor being up for the task.

Are you watching Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix series? The one on marriage and Silicon Valley had me cracking up. Her sense of humor and cynicism always gets me and I’ll most likely be watching the rest of the episodes very soon.

Speaking of watching things…apparently there is a big football game on this Sunday. Will you be watching? I most likely will not be since I could not care less about football but I may peak in for the half-time show. You never know what can happen on live TV. I still remember seeing Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction years ago. Classic.

What are your Friday things? Drop me a note if you have a chance 🙂 Have a very happy weekend!

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