Friday things 2.12.16

coffee and watersource

Good morning and happy Friday! How did your week turn out? It’s been a pretty uneventful week on this end, and ridiculously cold. Which isn’t super convenient because now is the time when I feel like everyone I know is just getting back from a trip or heading out to somewhere tropical and I’m stuck here with spring fever. This weekend isn’t supposed to be any different either so it looks like I’ll be spending the majority of it inside, drinking something warm, and reading the book I just picked up from the library. Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? It seems as though most people either don’t care or hate the holiday. For me, I’ve always liked the holiday. In elementary school, we would have parties at the end of the day with red juice and cookies. We would walk around the room dropping valentines into everyone’s decorated milk carton “mailboxes” and then spend the rest of the party reading our valentines and wondering what message our crush wrote. In middle school, we bought gigantic lip suckers for our friends and have them delivered to them during class with a card. In high school, I would watch movies with my girlfriends, have dinner together, and eat chocolate covered strawberries. My mom would always write us cards and include a small gift too. I mean, this holiday was awesome. I never once felt inadequate or sad because I didn’t have a boyfriend. This holiday celebrated love and friendships. Who isn’t down with that? This year, my mom invited my sisters and I, as well as our significant others over for dinner. I love dinners at my parents’ house. The food is always good and we laugh lots. I’m pretty sure my dad is dreading it already. He likes a quiet house. And when my sisters and I get together, quiet is definitely not how you would describe us. What about you? Let me know your sentiments about Valentine’s Day! Here is what’s new with me lately:

Feeling very frustrated with airline prices and departure times. I’m trying to book a trip out to San Diego for late April or early May and it’s not been easy. Prices are not ideal and additionally, flights are leaving at 5 am and then on the way home, arriving at 4 in the morning! I have never seen flight times that have sucked so bad. And because it’s cheaper to fly out of Chicago, you also have to take a 3 hour bus ride from Madison in order to get to the airport. It’s a total cluster f*ck and it’s pissing me off. Rant done.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sawhorses and butcher block to create a desk! I want it to look exactly like this one. HomeGoods has the cutest desk accessories right now and I’ve been tempted to buy so many things. It’ll be nice to have a space to write instead of sitting on the couch with a pillow on my lap and my computer on top of it.

I really want to try out this quinoa crust for pizza or garlic bread. It’s always tough trying to find pizza crust or dough at the grocery store that isn’t filled with preservatives and also not wheat-based. This one seems like it would work out quite well.

July 31st is marked on my calendar and dreams have come true everywhere! A new Harry Potter book is on its way!

What’s new with you? I would love to hear about it 🙂 I hope your weekend is full of only good things!

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