Friday Things 2.19.16

breakfast for 2source

Good morning! It’s Friday! How did your week go? I was working with a client on Tuesday evening and she was having a particular tough time during our session. She looks at me and says, “I’m sorry. It’s been a really long week.” I laughed because I knew exactly what she meant. Even though the week had really just started, it was feeling like a crazy long one already. I feel like February can be a bit tough since we are all just so antsy for spring to get here. We’re over the snow and the cold. Enough already. I’m ready to open up the windows, eat outside at restaurants, and explore some new trails. I realize it’s February and we’ve got a ways to go! haha So what’s new with you? Did you cook anything good lately? Read anything thought-provoking? I want to know all about it! Here are a couple of good things from the week:

Having a place to write now that the saw horses and butcher block have arrived! We officially have a desk and now it just needs a few things…like maybe this chair, these lamps, and few small organizers. Unfortunately, I live in reality and have a tight budget. We’ll see what I can find this weekend. Let me know if you have any good places to check out!

A sermon by Pastor Harold last Sunday on being still and listening to God. His sermons remind me why I must make it a priority each Sunday to set aside one hour to attend church. His messages help center and redirect me each week. I walk in with many things on my mind, making mental to-do lists, feeling frustrated with money, constantly tired and never feeling good enough, and after that hour, I have a new perspective.

Grapefruit. Because they are so good right now and are the perfect accompaniment to breakfast or basically any other time of day. And in this recipe for Cuban fish tacos with citrus mango slaw and chipotle lime crema…I mean, does it get any better than that?

When a friend sent me this post and it was exactly what I needed to read that moment (thanks Joslyn!). I had checked my email right away upon waking up (worst habit ever) and was instantly aggravated after reading a work email. It set the tone for my whole morning. I ate my breakfast in a hurry, gulped my coffee, muttered a half-hearted goodbye to Tom, ran my errands distractedly, and finally after working for a couple hours, I took some time to read this post. It seemed like it was the first time all day that I remembered to breathe.

Sunny, warmer weather this weekend. I work Saturday morning but after that I plan on enjoying time outside, maybe taking a walk with my sister, and dreaming of spring days ahead!

What are some good things from your week? I hope your weekend is full of sun, being outside, and spending time with people who make you laugh! 🙂

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