Friday things 3.11.16

flower bucketsource

Good morning and a very happy Friday to you! How was your week? Did you get to enjoy some beautiful spring weather too? I could definitely get used to high 50’s and low 60’s with sunny skies. I’ve loved opening up windows and getting some fresh air while I work at my desk all morning. What’s new with you? My schedule was a bit more hectic this week with starting a new job. I’m feeling a little extra tired today and hope that I can regain my energy with some good sleep (and maybe a long nap) this weekend. Did you try any great recipes? Read anything noteworthy? I would love to hear all about it! Here are a few things I’ve been loving:

Giant breakfasts. Eggs, Ezekiel toast, apple smoked bacon (pick this up on your next Trader Joe’s run!), grapefruit, and coffee. And with a side of Tom is even better.

This beautiful, quaint, perfect little home. I’ve been somewhat of a minimalist my whole life and have never needed a lot of space. I love all the natural lighting in this home and how it feels spacious and airy despite being a small space. I’m nowhere near purchasing a home, but something like this would be lovely to live in someday.

Salad season is upon us! And this wonderful, refreshing avocado, grapefruit and edamame salad was an awesome accompaniment to tuna steaks for a light dinner. And I’m looking forward to trying out this asparagus salad with turmeric tahini dressing!

This blog post because after many coaching calls this week, I’m beginning to understand the countless misconceptions surrounding what we should or should not  eat. It’s mass confusion out there, but Robyn can always put it into perspective. Love her.

Daylight Savings this Sunday. Because to me, that’s the first official day of spring and a new season to come. 🙂

What are you loving lately? Drop me a note! Have a happy weekend!

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