Friday things 4.8.16

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Good morning and happy Friday to you! How did your week turn out? It seemed to fly by for me, oddly enough. I was sick with the stomach flu all last weekend and I never really regained my normal appetite until today. I was extra tired and just not feeling quite myself. Also, Madison did not see the sun all week. It’s been cloudy, cold, and rainy. I just feel like we all need some warm spring air and some sun to pull us all out of our winter doldrums. I know I’ve been living there lately and I would love some sunshine to brighten up my mood. But, I digress. These few things have helped me look on the positive side…

Slowing down. Nothing like being sick to force you to rest and slow down. I went to bed earlier than usual each night and when my schedule allowed, took a nap between my morning job and afternoon training. I’ve felt more calm this week and less bound by my to-do list because I allowed myself to take care of what’s important. I think that I needed that reminder.

I’ve missed going to church the past couple of weeks but I love that they post the sermons on their website. It’s like DVR for church. No music or singing or offering. It’s just the message.  I got to catch up with one today and it was great listening to Pastor Harold. He’s a captivating pastor and I always love listening to what he has to share.

This blog post. It definitely had me thinking and it reminded me a lot of Shonda Rhimes’s book “The Year of Yes” which I mentioned on the blog before. How often do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? I have to admit, as I’ve gotten older, it becomes less and less. I can’t think of the last time that I did something that really scared me. Eeek. I guess I’ve been living in comfort for far too long.

We are less than a month away from our trip to San Diego. The countdown is on!

I get to see my friends this weekend. We are gathering to celebrate a first birthday party for my friend’s son, Jude. I will also get to catch up with my girlfriends and laugh plenty, I’m sure. 🙂

It’s your turn! What has been helping you stay positive through this endless winter? I hope your weekend is lovely!

1 thought on “Friday things 4.8.16”

  1. Keeping positive is so challenging without the sun!! I’m doing a cloing a cleanse both body and it inspired me to clean my junk room.. so proud of myself so hopefully when it does get nice I can be outside enjoying!!

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