Friday things 4.15.16

open roadsource

Happy Friday! Spring has arrived in Madison, finally! We’ve got 70’s and sun in the forecast, the farmer’s market makes its debut, and we have  beautiful day today. What are you looking forward to this weekend? I work a bit on Saturday morning and then I’m hoping that I don’t get drowned in to-do’s and enjoy the beautiful days. How do you do with putting aside what needs to get done and instead do what you truly want to do? haha I feel like it’s a delicate balance that I haven’t quite figured out yet. What are you loving this week? Here are a few of mine…

Fresh flowers. Purple, coral, and white gerber daisies and lilies. I love picking up a bouquet from Trader Joe’s on the weekend and placing the vase right next to our desk. It seems to brighten the whole room and I love looking at them while I work in the mornings.

Whitney wrote a post for Elite Daily and I loved how honest and open she was in her writing. If you have time, give it a read today. 🙂

Shauna Niequist’s book Savor. It’s a daily devotional and I love the wisdom, insight, and vulnerability she writes with.

Mood changing naps, posts like these (sent to me by my sister :)), and videos like this one from SoulPancake that make me smile and wonder how I would answer the same question.

The possibilities of walks outside without needing to bundle up, sleeping in on Sunday, and trying my best to balance my to-do’s and my heart’s needs.

I hope you have a very happy weekend and strike your perfect balance (or pretty close, at least)!



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