Friday things 6.17.16

sitting in a treesource

Hi guys! Happy Friday morning to you! What’s new? This week seemed to drag a bit and I am just so happy that it’s Friday and that I get to spend time with wonderful people and enjoy the summer weekend ahead. This is my favorite time of the year and I want to really stay present and enjoy each moment. I have to work a bit on Saturday but then I get to hang out downtown and pedal around in the pedal tavern with a great group of people. Tom comes home after two weeks of military training and it’ll be wonderful to see him! On Sunday, I get to go home to my parents’ house and have a lovely Father’s Day dinner. I can’t wait. So many good things coming up! What about you? What inspired you this week?Here are a few noteworthy things from my week:

podcasts-A friend mentioned that she enjoyed this podcast and I loved listening to it as well. A lot of great points were made that I could relate to. Also, this one really spoke to me. A must listen if you are struggling to figure out your next step professionally. What podcasts are you listening to you lately?

summer water-I mentioned this last week and made it a point to blend it up over the weekend and loved it! Just add 4 cups of water, 1 cup strawberries, juice of 1 lime, and 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon to your blender and blend! I’ve made it twice this week and love the flavor. A must-try if you want to add some flavor to your usual water routine.

books-I have heard this book mentioned three times this week, so I feel like it might be a good read this summer. This concept intrigues me because in the world we live in, it’s glorified to be busy and pushing yourself to your limits all the time. But why? And what if we could just simplify and live freer? I’m currently reading When Breath Becomes Air and I’m really looking forward to diving into it more this weekend. I’ve been told it’s a powerful book. What are you reading?

salads-I can’t get enough of them lately! Typically summer is when I start to crave fresh veggies constantly but my go-to recipe is: spinach/kale/whatever greens you like, chopped bell pepper, chopped carrots (loving the multi-color ones at Trader Joe’s right now), 1/2 avocado, gorgonzola or goat cheese, roasted pepitas, some type of grain (I’ve been loving throwing in brown rice), and drizzle with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. Toss in some chicken sausages or whatever protein you prefer and you have the perfect, filling summer meal.

Hope you have a great Friday and a very happy weekend!

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