Friday things 7.29.16

ice cream2source

Happy Friday morning to you! How was your week? I can’t believe this is our last weekend in July. I feel like July went by in a blink! I want to soak up what we have left of this season and make sure to get out and enjoy some of my favorite summer things. I want to stroll through a few more farmer’s markets, enjoy some live music at the Edgewater, grab ice cream at the terrace, and take walks to the pond on Sunday evenings. What are some of your favorite summertime things? I hope you are able to enjoy some of those things this weekend! But before we head into the weekend, what have you been enjoying this week? Drop me a note! Here are few noteworthy things from my week:

I loved Jess’s “Summer to Thrive” guide and she’s made one for this upcoming season as well. As we head into our last month of summer, take a moment or two to look at this guide and be intentional about your fall.

A new routine-I am still testing out a new routine and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I have been thinking about doing a “day in the life” post just because I love reading those posts on other blogs. I love taking a sneak peak into other’s lives and seeing what a typical day is like. I am always so intrigued by how people’s lives differ. Stay tuned!

Smoothies-It’s that time of year where the humidity is unbearable and the thought of eating anything hot is completely unappetizing. Smoothies are always to the rescue! Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite food blogs and this ginger colada green smoothie looks like the perfect daytime treat.

Tomatoes-They are so good right now! There is a tomato plant just outside of where I work and I picked a container full of cherry tomatoes and brought them home to snack on and throw in this steak salad for dinner. I think I’ve shared this recipe before but I could eat it every week. And I pretty much do.

Friday sister night-We are going to a Harry Potter inspired event in celebration of the new book release this weekend! Despite the fact that we are all Harry Potter nerds, I am most looking forward to some much-needed sister time.

I have been inspired to dream bigger and be more proactive in my profession and it’s pushed me to re-take some online classes through IIN and get clearer about what I’d like to do. I shy away from being an entrepreneur because of all the uncertainty that surrounds it. But maybe it’s time to look at all the positives too and not be so easily discouraged.

That’s it for me this week! If you have a moment, let me know what’s new with you! I hope you have a very happy weekend!

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