Friday things 8.26.16

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Good morning and happy Friday to you! How was your week? I hope that it went well for you that you have something fun to look forward to this weekend! This is our last Friday in August and I can’t believe how fast this month has gone! I was lucky this week as it has been slower at my training job and I am also wrapping up with clients for my coaching job so I’ve had more time on my hands this week. I’ve been sleeping more, enjoyed walks and a run outside, baked my favorite paleo muffins, and have been trying my best to enjoy this week and not get anxious over the fact that I’m not working as much. I know the schedule picks up next week already and it’ll be back to the usual hustle and bustle, so for right now, I don’t need to fill every minute with busy-ness. But man, it’s really difficult to just let yourself be. I actually came across a few blog posts this week that hit on this very topic and it was so fitting. I wanted to share them with you today 🙂

I loved Whitney’s post on including more play into our days. If we constantly hustle our days away, joy, play, and rest are pushed out without us even realizing it. So we have to be intentional about including play and fun during our days. After reading this, I realized how much I love taking walks on a regular basis that I want to include them more in my weeks. What about for you?

I love everything about Robyn and wish we could be the best of friends. I always find myself nodding my head while reading her posts. This post about dealing with a bout of insomnia and how her reaction to less than ideal situations has changed was very relatable. She no longer finds herself getting overly emotional but instead has some tools in place to help her through. I’m sure we have all dealt with sleepless nights, busy work days, and feeling disconnected from our loved ones. It’s not a great place to be in but realizing that it is not the end of the world, it will get better, and the situation is only temporary helps to keep things in perspective. How do you choose to react to a tough situation? What helps you through it?

This post on the importance of taking care of you before devoting yourself (and most of your day) to your work was a wonderful reminder. As I wrapped up my coaching calls this week and continually asked each client what positive aspects came from their stress management habits, so many of them noted how they became more strict with their work boundaries and taking breaks throughout the day to recharge. They started to actually enjoy vacation, weekends, and evenings. What do you think about this habit? What do you do each day to take care of you?

That’s all for me today 🙂 I hope  you have a happy weekend ahead!

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