Friday thoughts 9.16.16


It’s Friday morning and it’s such a beautiful thing! How was your week? I hope that you were able to get outside a bit and enjoy some of this beautiful weather we have had lately. The humidity is down and I’ve been sleeping with the windows open and enjoying a fresh breeze during the days. It’s been a really hectic week and today is the first time I have felt like I could take a breath and reflect a bit. I’ve noticed that I check my email 50 times a day (including right when I wake up in the morning), and that little things seem to be bothering me more than they really should. This fact right there tells me I need to take a break and start establishing some boundaries for myself. I’ve never been a fan of feeling constantly “busy.” I need breaks in the day to recharge and maintain a sound mind. As I move into a new decade soon, this will also be a focus of mine. How do you create an environment for yourself that sets you up for success each day? I’d love to know!

Are you embracing the season change so far? I love the lower humidity and cooler temperatures but I’m so bummed about those shorter days! It’s getting harder to get out of bed in the mornings and my drive home at night used to be lit with¬†beautiful sunsets and now it’s just dark. However, on the bright side of things, I have come across some delicious looking fall-inspired recipes this week and we bought our first spaghetti squash of the fall season! I’m all about squash so I can’t wait to make dinner with it soon! Apples are in season too so I’m thinking about heading to a local orchard and picking a bunch for applesauce, snacking, and maybe some apple desserts! What are your faves? Let me know!

Here a few recipes from the week:

Toasted quinoa, dried fig, and dark chocolate granola bars–a perfect snack for the week!

Paleo pumpkin magic bars-these look soo good.

Baked rosemary chicken tenders-these are the menu next week! I might make a couple swaps since I have almond flour on hand and panko breadcrumbs, but it should still be delish.

Buffalo Chicken Casserole-this is my favorite spaghetti squash recipe and it’s fantastic for leftovers the next day!

I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend and let me know what you’re cooking/baking!

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