Lately 9.30.16


Good morning and happy Friday to you! September has been a complete blur and I am sorry that I’ve been quiet the past two weeks. It’s been one of the most expensive months I’ve had in years due in most part to repairing my car (which cost a month’s paycheck), preparing for a trip to Chicago this weekend (which I’m looking forward to of course but not cheap), and making more purchases than usual for upcoming birthdays. Work has picked up this month as well which is great but has left me with less time to do the things that I really love to do, like write and read. Despite being broke and feeling busy, life has been good. I got to cheer my little sister on while she crossed the finish line of her first half marathon, have been eating some delicious meals, sleeping well, and enjoying spending time with my family and Tom. How has your September been? Here are a few things that I’ve been up to lately…

Reading “Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It.” My sister mentioned this book to me a few months ago and I picked it up from the library last week. If you’re not an “Eat, Pray, Love” fan, it’s still inspiring to read the stories of others who have decided to make small, and sometimes drastic changes, in order to walk the road less traveled and be true to who they are.

Made these paleo pumpkin brownies and they lasted two days. So, so good. Also if you are a fan of quick breakfasts and pumpkin, you must try these pumpkin pie overnight oats. I added in 1/2 c. plain greek yogurt and only used 1/2 c almond milk and they turned out fabulous!

Loved this blog post, “Normal eaters are the healthiest” by Robyn. I want every client I work with to read this post.

This blog post is a must read today. I read it last week and thought that it could resonate with everyone I know. We’ve all been in situations in which we’ve felt small, less than, and sometimes like a complete idiot. Reading this post might help shift that perspective.

Looking forward to a weekend in Chicago with Tom! It’ll be just a quick trip out of Madison for a change of scenery and an early celebration for our October birthdays. We don’t have much planned but we will be going on a ghost tour of the city which I’ve wanted to do for so long and I’ve also mapped out some great doughnut places to try out for Sunday morning. If you have any Chicago recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

What have you been eating, reading, and looking forward to? I’d love to know! I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend!

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