Friday things 10.21.16


Good morning to you and happy Friday! What’s new? How was your week? It feels wonderful to be back here on a Friday, writing this post, and drinking a cup of hot cider. October is nearly over already and I definitely feel the change in seasons. I’m getting tired earlier and have been getting into bed before 10 pm as a result. I want to cook and bake all the time. And I feel like I could fill my days drinking almond milk lattes, taking morning walks, watching Gilmore Girls reruns, cooking fall recipes and feeling completely content for the duration of this season. Clearly work is getting in the way of this happening, but I have managed to enjoy walks around the neighborhood, loved eating this sausage, lentil, and kale soup (you must make this! soo good!), and using gift cards to grab coffee in the mornings with Tom. How have you been enjoying this season so far? I work on Saturday morning but I hope to enjoy this fall weather by getting outside-maybe taking a walk through the arboretum or downtown and soaking in the last of the fall colors! I hope you are able to get outside sometime this weekend as well. As far as today goes, here are a few things I wanted to share…

Clients always ask me what we’ll be cooking up for the week. Here is what’s on the menu:

Golden chicken soup

Creamy kale pasta-we’ll add some ground pork 🙂

Butternut squash, apple, and pear soup-might serve this alongside some elk meat that Tom got for his birthday 🙂

Spaghetti squash alfredo with chicken and caramelized onions

And for dessert…I want to bake these up this weekend: one-bowl fudgy pumpkin paleo brownies!

Good reads:

25 things every book-loving 90’s kid will remember-This brought back so many lovely memories! My sisters will for sure love this 🙂

Healthy isn’t static-doing the best that we can with our current environment is OK. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I hear a lot of clients stress about traveling a lot for work, not sleeping enough, trying to fit workouts in, and navigate themselves to a Whole Foods every night to get their greens in. It’s helpful to read a post like this one to reassure us that what we deem “healthy” for ourselves will constantly change throughout our lives.

I hope you have a fun fall weekend ahead! Enjoy 🙂

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