Friday things 12.9.16


Good morning and happy Friday! How was your week? Wisconsin has been hit with some frigid temperatures and it’s only getting worse through the weekend and into next week. I don’t mind cold, but this is the kind of cold that will chill you to the core. So unfortunately that means more time spent indoors but I guess that means more time reading, baking, cooking, writing, and listening to podcasts. Not too shabby though. What are some favorite things from your week? Here are a few of mine…

Reading Winter Storms by Elin Hilderbrand. This is the last book in the trilogy and I love getting lost in the Quinn family drama. Highly recommend if you are in need of something light to read this season.

Listening to the podcast “Homecoming.” My sister turned me onto to it after a friend recommended it to her. I love it so far! Are you listening?

We got our Christmas tree this week and I can’t wait to decorate it. I have to gather all my ornaments from my parents’ house this weekend and Sunday is reserved for decorating, baking, and a Christmas movie.

Loving Spotify’s “Christmas Peaceful Piano” playlist. I’ve been playing it non-stop while I cook, write, and work.

Made these paleo ginger molasses cookies yesterday and loved them. I like how they make a very small batch so you aren’t left with 2 dozen cookies.

On finding balance between hustle and rest-I love this idea of scheduling out a complete day for rest. It’s true that we can find ourselves in a rhythm of constantly working, never putting our phones down, and not connecting with each other. This is the perfect season to make a point of establishing a day for rest. For doing things that only bring joy, not stress and obligation. What would this day look like for you?

Why being broke is the best time to travel-This post is all truth. I decided to move and teach English in a foreign country with less than $1000 to my name and student loan debt to make payments on. My sister joined me in Australia after leaving the job she hated and with less than $2000 to her name. We look back on those days and wonder who those girls were. We have no connection to them anymore. We now feel completely bound by obligation to our jobs, to pay our bills and pay off our debt, and to make “something” of ourselves in this life. Traveling constantly is put on the back burner. I hate that. It’s something I want to change the most in 2017.

5 ways to thrive during the holidays-I always loved the idea that this month is when we lay the foundations for the new year to come. I know work is done all year round of course, but there is something about the frigid temperatures and the abundant darkness that promote reflection and a need for purpose. I keep coming back to this post because I think there are so many good things to it.

I hope you have a wonderful winter weekend!

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