Friday things 12.16.16


It’s Friday indeed and I hope yours is off to a good start! How was your week? For some reason mine actually seemed to go quite slowly and I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week. I’ve been seriously lacking fresh air due to the frigid temperatures and now we have a winter storm warning in effect from this afternoon through tomorrow evening with 7-11 inches of snow expected! I can’t believe how much snow we’ve already gotten this month. Last weekend our plans were thwarted by snow and it looks like this may happen again! We had planned to make our way to Galena, IL just for some new scenery, some good eats, and enjoying all the holiday decor but it looks like the snow will prevent us from making the drive. I’m a bit bummed but we’ll just have to make new plans that don’t require lots of driving. What are you up to this weekend? I hope you stay safe and warm wherever you may be! Here are a few things from my week…

Beginning a wonderfully intriguing new-to-me book, “The Year of Living Danishly” by Helen Russell. This book was recommended on a travel blog site and I decided to pick it up from the library this week. Helen is an English freelance writer and she moves to Denmark along with her husband for his new job. She is determined to find out why Denmark is considered the happiest country and so far, I love it!

Being complete with Christmas shopping except for a few goodies I will bake on Christmas Eve. I don’t have a lot of gifts to buy in the first place since our family goes the “secret santa” route so we only buy for one person in the family, but it still feels good to have everything wrapped and ready. I am very much looking forward to Christmas though! I don’t have any extra time off around the holiday so I will enjoy that weekend to its fullest!

Drinking so much tea lately to combat the frigid temperatures. Tazo’s cinnamon chalet and orange chiffon are fantastic and perfect flavors for the season!

I am craving watching Bridget Jones’s Diary right now. I love this movie with my whole being and watch it every December. This might have to be included in the new weekend plans. 🙂

Happy weekend to you!

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