Friday thoughts 12.23.16


I wish you a very happy Friday and hope you decided to take off work a bit this week to slow down, have some me-time, and enjoy this season. If you’re like me and are working today and unfortunately don’t have any extra time off this Christmas-season, I hope you are still able to find time for your favorite things.

I am very much looking forward to finishing up work tonight and then heading downtown to do some ice skating, something I’ve wanted to do all month! Saturday will be full of baking and then heading to Christmas Eve service at 7 pm and dinner out with Tom’s parents. On Christmas we will head to my parent’s house for a delicious brunch (and my mom’s famous monkey bread), and spend the rest of the day opening gifts and stockings, playing games, eating good food, and maybe napping (I will most definitely be sneaking one in).

I love this time of year and I have found myself wanting to be in full-on vacation mode since so many people around me are as well but unfortunately some work must get done. It seems like even the smallest of tasks have taken so much effort and I have been giving them a lot of resistance too. Do I really need to answer that email? Must I program for today? Do I really need to start planning 2017 events already? Ugh. I’m not mentally there yet. I hate the feeling of being pushed and rushed into things that I’m not ready for. I’m type-A and I know that I will get everything done when it needs to be done (most likely a week earlier too). But for now, don’t rush me. Just let me be.

What has been saving me this week was actually a message that I had the pleasure to listen to on Sunday. It reminded me that during the hustle of this season, we have to take time to be still. To put our phones down. To get away from work. To resist the urge to buy more. Because in that time we set aside for stillness, is when the opportunity opens up to hear God. What has been sitting heavy on your heart? What have you been struggling with? Even when it’s tough to keep our heads in the face of numerous stressors, it’s the perfect time to slow down, get quiet, and talk to God. I listened to this message again yesterday when I needed a reminder. I’m already looking forward to Pastor Harold’s message on Christmas Eve.

On that note, I wish you the happiest of Christmases! I hope your weekend is full of all the good things this holiday has to offer. 🙂 Thank you for reading! It means everything to me.

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