Friday things 1.13.17

Good morning and happy Friday to you! It has been a week indeed and I am so thankful that it’s Friday! I’m ready for some down time. What about you? I hate to be that person who wishes her days away and lives for the weekends, but sometimes, I am that person. The sun finally decided to shine yesterday and it was such a welcome sight. It’s been cold, icy, and overall crappy January weather this week. I’ve been craving sun and getting outside but man, Wisconsin just blows in the winter. But I digress. We all know this. Let’s move on to some good things!

I took myself to yoga this morning to help lift my spirits and I’m taking the day off from the gym to get some productive things done around the apartment before I head into work to train. What’s going on for you this weekend? Have you seen any good movies lately? I’ve heard great things about La La Land and Jackie. One of these days I’ll take myself to a movie. Did you try any good recipes this week? We tried this slow-cooker thai sweet potato soup and this mushroom penne with walnut pesto which was so, so good. Besides good eats, what’s been helping you out this week to stay positive? Here are a few of mine…

my vision board-I decided I needed something inspiring and visually fun to look at for the  3-month coaching program I currently started on Monday. I’m at my desk for the majority of the morning and it has helped having this to look at during coaching calls. I haven’t made a vision board in years and I loved putting it together.


These coconut cashew energy balls have been our saving grace during this 21-day sugar detox we started on Monday. They are so good, simple to throw together, and make great snacks. This might be my favorite energy ball recipe I’ve ever made. The lemon zest really adds something extra.

my new planner-Tom got me this one for Christmas and I really love how it has the day broken up into 30 minute intervals so I can see when my open time will be during the day. I wanted to make sure I prioritized writing this blog post each week and visually see when I can fit in some of the chores that need to happen. I’ve stopped checking my phone right away in the mornings and I’ve also stopped scrolling through Facebook and Instagram mindlessly. And what do you know? I’ve got more time in the day! Who knew?

 the end of the day-making dinner with Tom, sitting down and enjoying good food, talking about our day, and having some down time before bed. I’ve found that I really look forward to this and have been feeling grateful for having this bit of time each day.

our new Sunday morning routine-waking up and going out for a delicious breakfast before heading to church. We’ve done this the past two weeks and it’s something I hope we can continue throughout the year.

looking forward to having a sister day tomorrow! I love being able to spend the day with my sisters laughing, eating good food, and meandering around Madison. It doesn’t happen very often so I have to soak it up when it does 🙂

That’s all for me today! Let me know what helped you stay positive this week! I wish you a very happy weekend 🙂

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