Friday thoughts 1.20.17

You know those days that just seem to flow? You wake up after a wonderful night’s sleep, you feel rested, you make your favorite breakfast and get to drink your coffee slowly. You move through your day with ease. No stress or anxiety. You seem to communicate everything in an eloquent manner. You don’t have to rush anywhere. Your timing is effortless. Your energy throughout the day is steady and you seem to get everything done that you’d like to but also don’t dread any of those things either. When you get to the end of your day, you feel productive but also fulfilled as though you used your time just the way you wanted.

I didn’t have any of those days this week. In fact, I felt mostly discombobulated. My training schedule fell apart earlier this week due to bad weather conditions. I had late cancellations and no-shows. My coaching calls seemed mostly one-sided as I’m trying to push my excitement for food, new recipes, and the program onto clients. When I walked through the door in the evenings, I felt exhausted and was mentally making to-do items in my head for the following day. It felt as though every day seemed oddly the same.

But last Saturday I had one of those “flow” days. I met my sisters at noon for lunch at Kristin’s apartment. We ate chicken kale waldorf salad, snacked on pineapple salsa, guacamole, and chips. We laughed about stories from work, our week, and what’s new in our lives. We decided to get outside and enjoy the fact that the sun was shining (finally!) and headed over to Vilas Park. We rented ice skates for $6 and skated around the pond trying to remember how to skate while also desperately trying not to break anything. The pond was full of hockey players, fearless children, parents, and friends. We laughed and skated until I could no longer feel my fingers and toes. Then we headed over to a coffee shop on Monroe Street for cups of hot tea and talked some more. I lost track of time and didn’t feel the need to check my phone. I was fully in the moment and enjoying my wonderful company.


“Flow” days certainly don’t happen every day. But when they do happen, I soak it in. Because those are the days that make life so sweet. When you are able to forget about the “should do’s” and allow yourself to go wherever the day takes you is a simple pleasure.

On this Friday, I wish for you a day that is full of good things…laughter, your favorite people, good eats, fresh air, and the inspiration you’ve been needing to embark on something new.

Happy weekend!

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