Saturday morning thoughts


Happy weekend to you! I hope this post finds you after a wonderful night’s sleep and a nice hot cup of coffee in your hands. The weekend is here and I am so incredibly grateful for some time with family, great eats, and hopefully a quiet walk outside.

It was a bit of a busted week over here. The sun never shined (which I’m convinced affects everyone’s well-being). Tom got some disappointing news. I completed my taxes and realized I had to pay in this year rather than receiving a much-needed refund took the wind out of my sails. We both had feelings of no matter how much we hustle, it’s just never quite enough to make it all worth it. When we made it to Friday, we were exhausted but still hopeful.

I prayed a lot this week. I asked God to help Tom and I find our paths in life. I tried to find goodness in the small things like making breakfast together, having a good workout, watching a funny Parks and Rec episode, going to a great yoga class, and looking forward to my mom’s chocolate mint brownies on Saturday night.

I refuse to believe that life will always be like this. I know that everything ebbs and flows. We’ll find a way to make more money. We’ll find a way to see and do all the things that excite us. We’ll continue to have faith in God’s plan. We won’t stay down for too long.

So, here is to the weekend! To finding goodness in the day to day. And to keeping the faith even when the going gets not so easy. I hope you have a very restful and fulfilling weekend 🙂

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