Friday things 2.3.17

Good morning and a very happy Friday to you! We’ve made our way through the never-ending month of January and now onto the nice, short month of February. We’ve had some sunshine this week which has helped my energy and spirits so much. I was even able to get out for a quick walk this week between going to the gym and work and it was so nice to breathe fresh air. I’m looking forward to spending more time outside this weekend by hopefully doing some ice skating and walking around Lake Geneva to enjoy the ice sculptures! What about you? What were some highlights of your week? Here are a few of mine…

new library books-yes! I had four books on hold for months and finally this week I had two ready for me to pick up. I just started reading Tsh Oxenreider’s “Notes from a Blue Bike” and I have “Eleanor and Park” waiting for me when I’m done. Hooray for books! What are you reading lately?

romwod in the evenings-We started incorporating more stretching into our evening routines since Tom and I both have back issues and I have constant hip tightness. I’ve really loved how relaxing it’s been and how I’ve been waking up not as stiff. I highly recommend if you are looking for a good bedtime routine to help wind-down from the day.

Rishi turmeric ginger tea-I was doing some quick research on good teas (organic, no “natural flavors” or artificial flavors, no GMO’s) and Rishi was at the top of the list. I picked up their turmeric ginger tea at the local co-op and I absolutely love it. I love anything with ginger in it and this tea is no exception. It’s a perfect blend of sweet (orange and lemon) and spicy ginger. I’ve been drinking it in the afternoons when I need a pick-me-up during training sessions.

these double chocolate banana muffins-I missed baking the most while on the sugar detox and I decided to whip these up yesterday for a pre-workout snack. I tried not to eat all of the batter but I only mildly succeeded. Make these and be merry.

Rock your happy newsletter-I adore this newsletter so much. I signed up for it in December but you can receive the newsletter at any point. If you want to add a bit more happiness into your days, this newsletter provides the perfect day-by-day guide. I loved their prompt for today, “make a happy playlist.” I’ve been adding songs to a spotify playlist all week and have been listening to it at work which has helped my mood immensely.

Alright, now it’s your turn! What are some favorites from your week?

Let’s have a great Friday and enjoy this weekend 🙂

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