for you on Friday…


Good morning! It is Friday indeed and it seemed to sneak up on me this week. I was rushing from one task to the next, checking things off the to-do list, and multi-tasking to the max. Which means that I most definitely fell short on other things. Ugh. The balancing act is constant. However, after work on Saturday morning, I really want to take it easy and re-focus. I want to read, write, take a long walk, and just reconnect with myself. Alone time is a must and it’s something that I need to do a much better job at prioritizing. How are you taking care of you this weekend? Here are a few things I wanted to share with you before you jump into your day…

these orange spice chocolate chip muffins are the perfect thing to bake this weekend and I’m definitely carving some time out to do so.

loved this post, “for when systems can’t save you” and thought you might like it too. It very much resonated with me this week.

I’ve come across some new-to-me blogs lately that I’ve been loving and thought I would share them. I’ve been gravitating towards blogs that focus on faith, finding the positives in each day, and creating a happy soul. Check out emilypfreeman, kimberlyanncoyle, and theartofsimple if you want some lovely reading.

Our church is doing a sermon series this month centered on relationships which had me thinking about the relationships in my life and how I can make them better. I love that my sisters and I started to schedule a “sister day” each month and Tom and I like to do a “date day” once a month as well. It’s a great time to put the focus back on our connections with each other, put our phones away, and do something fun. How do you foster the relationships in your life?

There is a cute, little corner bakery near our apartment and they have opened up a new location on Monroe street. I drove past it last week and can’t wait to make a stop in this weekend. They have wonderful vegan and gluten-free options and everything is made from scratch with local ingredients. I wish every bakery was like this one! 🙂 How will you treat yourself this weekend?

That’s all for me today. Happy Friday and I hope you have a very happy weekend!

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