Friday things…

Happy Friday morning to you! Fridays feel so good especially when the sun is shining and the weekend is supposed to be sixties and sunny! I feel like everyone has spring fever and will take full advantage of this beautiful weekend with lots of walks, bike rides, runs, and maybe even some open windows (I most definitely will be opening up our sky light for some fresh air :)). How about you? What are your plans this weekend?

This week did go by pretty quickly but it definitely had some challenges. The workout our gym did on Monday destroyed me for most of the week. The muscle soreness I felt in my legs was about as sore as I was post-marathon…meaning, I could barely walk properly. I don’t mind being sore, but I do hate debilitating soreness. Additionally, I had some challenging coaching calls this week which definitely took the wind out of my sails and had me questioning why I do what I do. But, there are always bright spots in the day. Here are a few I wanted to share with you…

This post, You love the person who will use it next, helped me see chores in a new light.

Do you know how to rest? I read this post last week and I’m still thinking about it. I hustled most of the weekend and feel like I can’t break away from it. What about you? How do you rest?


Valentine’s Day…breakfast at our favorite spot, flowers, and this amazing chocolate from Trader Joe’s made a Tuesday extra special. So many people I spoke with this week were so down on Valentine’s Day. This was my favorite holiday at school when I was young because everyone passed out valentines, we ate heart shaped cookies, and we got to spend the last hour of the day goofing off.  I’ve been single for most of my Valentine’s days and I still loved that holiday. It’s to celebrate love and chocolate. I mean, who isn’t down with that? Yeesh.

Doing yoga in the mornings has been my new habit this week. I’ve been using this youtube channel but also just searching “morning flow” for some good vinyasa flow. It wakes me up and helps me mentally prepare for the day.

I’ve been craving protein pancakes lately and this recipe works fantastic. 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 c oats, 1/4 c plain Greek yogurt, 1 egg, dash of cinnamon, stir together and pour into 2 big pancakes! I top mine with almond butter, the rest of the banana, and unsweetened coconut.

My sister is home! She was gone for only a few days but it always feels weird when we don’t talk for days or see each other. She’s my best friend and it only feels right when she’s close by.

Those were my highlights, what about for you? I would love to hear what made your week a bit brighter! I wish you a very happy weekend ahead and that you are able to actually enjoy it and not simply hustle through it. This is exactly what I’m planning to do. Cheers to Friday 😀

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