Friday favorites 3.3.17

Happy Friday! I have been missing this space and I felt out of sorts when I wasn’t able to write last week. The past few weeks have been challenging professionally and I just wanted to chalk it up to the winter blues, but I also know that I can’t ignore these things either. So I’m trying to get creative and think of other avenues to explore. But, how about you? How did this week treat you?

I am very much looking forward to this weekend. I am finally getting together with some long-lost girlfriends on Saturday evening. I also have plans to finish the book I’m reading, take a walk outside, and enjoy some down time. Ahhh, the life indeed. I really can’t wait.

Before the weekend gets underway, I’d love to share a few favorites of mine lately…


You are a Badass desk calendar because sometimes it’s exactly what you need to read.


these super doughy grain-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies

this rainbow Thai salad is soo good. The flavors are amazing especially with the fresh mint and the dressing is one of my favorites!

this honey glazed salmon with citrus avocado salsa makes the easiest weeknight meal.


this minty green shamrock shake


Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld and have been enjoying it fully. It’s a modern rendition of Pride and Prejudice and it’s offered the perfect escape lately.

Emily’s post on what she learned this winter inspired me. This concept is very intriguing because I’ve been on the hustle train for way too long and haven’t given much thought to what I’ve learned each season. I am setting aside some time this weekend to take stock on this past season.

I came across this the other day and it directly related to Emily’s post on the importance of stopping to recognize what we are doing, what we are learning, and what is a priority for us. “Taking the time to think about what matters to you is a great way to bring your values front and center in your life. When your daily decisions reflect your priorities and not just what you feel like in the moment, you strengthen your resilience and build your emotional reserves.”


to my happy playlist on Spotify.

Let me know what you’ve been loving lately! Have a fabulous weekend!

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