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Good morning and a very happy Friday to you. I hope your week went smoothly and you’re looking forward to this last weekend in April. Are you wondering where April went as well? Because I’m not entirely sure what I even did this month. I’ve been feeling rushed, not prioritizing my time well, and I haven’t been diligent about carving out time to write. The days feel long but the weeks fly by and I’ve really been feeling like life is going just a bit too fast.

I was scrolling through Pinterest this morning while making the grocery list and it dawned on me that one of my major reasons for writing is to force myself to slow down. To give myself time to process frustrations with my job, deal with financial stresses, or try to make my mind up about something. And when I don’t prioritize this time in my day, it starts to feel hectic and unfocused. So this is me putting in writing that I intend to do better. But, I digress.

Madison was blessed with a beautiful stretch of weather last weekend and earlier this week. I realized that being outside in the sunshine has the ability to turn any dull mood around. Last weekend was a perfect weekend in my book. It felt long and I enjoyed every bit of it. My sister and I drove to Devil’s Lake for a hike on Saturday morning since the weather was absolutely perfect. We sat on the rocks overlooking the lake and soaked up the sun, enjoyed the quiet, and caught up on our weeks. As we headed back to Madison, we decided to meet at Machinery Row Bicycles to test-ride some bikes. We’ve both been wanting to get a bike and decided to take advantage of our free schedules to check some out. We rode several bikes along the John Nolen path and narrowed our search down. We both purchased bikes so we are all set to experience Madison’s trails this summer!

On Sunday, Tom and I went to church and afterwards I met up with my sister and a girlfriend for a walk in the Arboretum. We walked four miles and caught up with each other’s lives, chatted about the shows we are watching, how much we miss our friends whom we don’t see much of anymore, and about the wedding in a few months. It was absolutely lovely. I then headed down to the Union Terrace to meet up with Tom and a few of his friends and spent some time chatting in the sun. Then I headed home to do some work for the week and relax a bit before making dinner. The night ended with a trip to Cold Stone for my favorite cake batter ice cream with peanut butter and Reese’s peanut butter cup.

As I take a look at the rainy forecast for the next five days, I can’t help but feel bummed. I was getting used to that sun and 70’s and being outdoors all day. But I get to pick up my new bike, swing by the Veteran’s Museum with Tom to see their new exhibit, and maybe do some dress shopping with my sister so the weekend won’t be totally wasted. 🙂 Sun and 70’s are just around the corner again. And May will bring a birthday celebration for my little sister, hopefully lots of bike rides, trips to the farmer’s market, and more writing!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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