Summer fun list


Good morning! I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! The weather actually cooperated and it was a fantastic weekend. Saturday was mainly spent on a bike meandering around Lake Monona and making several stops along the way. We went to a friend’s apartment on Saturday evening for a bbq. We ate some great grilled kabobs and pork chops alongside an awesome kale salad my sister made and enjoyed the views from the rooftop patio. Sunday we went to church, visited Tom’s family, and then made our way back to Madison and just did some laundry and cleaned the apartment. We cooked up this new recipe and loved it! Monday we went to our CrossFit gym to complete the workout “Murph” and then I got some work done at home and sat down to write this post. It was a low-key weekend but I enjoyed it so much.

Summer is the best season (in my opinion anyways!). I await it’s arrival with anticipation for longer days, plenty of sunshine, lots of walks, eating dinner outside, get-togethers with friends, and enjoying the energy that the season brings to everyone. But it goes by all too quickly! So I thought I would write down a summer-inspired to-do list which will help me enjoy this season to its fullest. Here is what I would like for my summer…

*Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings

*Explore Madison’s bike trails-There are so many! Madison is a never-ending bike trail. We had a great time on Saturday getting out for a long ride around Lake Monona and on the Capitol City trail. We took many stops along the way and had so much fun with my sister, Tom, and our friend Nick.

*Paddle-boarding at Lake Wingra-I’ve been paddle-boarding a couple times on Lake Mendota but Wingra is a lot calmer and we can easily ride our bikes there.

*Go to Traverse City, Michigan-We have a long weekend planned with the family in Traverse City at the end of June! Can’t wait!

*Read a book outside-I’m currently reading “The Nest” and I also picked up “The Little Paris Bookshop.”

*Enjoy a glass of wine outside at Wollersheim Winery

*Hike at Bluemound State Park

*Drive to Spring Green, WI and take a tour of Taliesin

*Enjoy live music and the sunset at the Edgewater

*Spectate the CrossFit Games-The Games will be here in Madison this year! Tickets are pretty pricey right now but I’m sure there will be viewing parties around Madison that will be just as fun.

*Enjoy the sunshine, warm breeze, and some Babcock ice cream at the Union Terrace

*Get inspired again with my profession-I’m currently in the gathering information stage of deciding to go back to school and what exactly I want to study. But mostly, I want to get inspired again. I want to be excited about something. I want to figure out a way to make an actual living but still enjoy what I’m doing for work.

What do you want to do this summer? I hope this inspires you to make your own “summer fun list”!

Have a great week!

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