Weekend recap

This past weekend was one of my favorite summer weekends so far. It included a workout with friends, lots of time outside, sushi, and no scheduled plans. Perfection in my book.

Saturday began with training a few sessions at the gym and afterwards three of our CrossFit friends along with my sister and Tom all got together to do a workout. We included a few dumbbell movements since our CrossFit gym doesn’t have any and then we did a team sled push relay which was terrible. Afterwards, since the weather was holding up pretty well, four of us decided to meet up at Wollersheim Winery later in the afternoon to enjoy some wine, snacks, and beautiful views. We talked and laughed until the winery closed at 5 pm and then headed back to Madison to grab some sushi and head to the terrace.


It had just finished up raining a bit so the terrace wasn’t busy at all. I got to snap a few photos while we walked along the lake. We chose a table to sit down at and enjoyed watching the sunset.


We decided to take a walk down State Street since it was a beautiful evening before calling it a night.


I slept in on Sunday morning and then got up to make a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, strawberries and raspberries, and iced coffee. My sister, Tom, our friend Nick, and I decided to explore Blue Mound State Park so before we got on the road, we swung by Whole Foods to grab some sandwiches, fruit, and sweet potato chips for lunch.


We walked several of the trails they have since each one is only about 1 mile or so. I really liked the park and enjoyed exploring the trails. It’s definitely not in any way strenuous and unfortunately there isn’t a beautiful lake to walk around but still a great place to spend a summer afternoon!


When we got back from walking the trails, I did some laundry, a bit of cleaning, sat down to write this post, made dinner, and then headed out for some Sunday ice cream (a tradition we are trying to start up :)). And that was the weekend in a nutshell. It always goes by way too fast.

I hope your weekend was a lovely one and that you are looking forward to some good things this week!

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