Good Monday morning to you! I’ve been MIA lately and really didn’t have any intention to be, but life got in the way and I was finally able to sit down Sunday morning to write. This past week was a bit of a whirlwind. My family and I had an amazing time in Traverse City. We got upgraded to a beautiful house on Arbutus Lake with a dock out to the lake, a fire pit, a huge deck, and an expansive open-floor plan interior with a big kitchen which came in handy for cooking. It was really nice to have some family time since we don’t get together all that often.

Tom and I got home last Sunday evening, we worked on Monday, and then my power steering went out in my car that evening. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap to fix so I set a limit for myself. If the car was going to cost over $500 to fix, I was going to be done with it. Well, the estimate came back and it was going to be about $800 to fix. The car served it’s purpose. It was a 2002 and it was time to replace it. I knew it was inevitable but it was stressful nonetheless. I was already incredibly strapped financially so adding a car payment into the mix was forcing me to set a ridiculously tight budget for myself which I know isn’t sustainable. Now I am in the midst of trying to find a way to make ends meet. It’s not fun but I also know so many others have been in a position like this before and have made it work.

So I bought a 2014 pre-owned Kia. I now have a more reliable car which is great. But I let my stress take over the excitement of it. Almost everyone has said “A new car? How exciting!” And I have to feign some sort of pretend excitement. I hate cars. I will never buy a new one. They are a total money-suck and if I didn’t live in a city that was so car-dependent, I wouldn’t have one. I am absolutely aware of how negative I’m being and in the grand scheme of life, this really shouldn’t be a blip on the radar. So I was moody and snippy with pretty much everyone the past few days. And now I’m ready to just move on.

I hope that your weekend was lovely and that you are enjoying your summer so far. And if you’ve been struggling with some things in life, I’m right there with you. Summer has high expectations. I always feel like I need to be outside every waking moment, running around in a swim suit, hosting get-togethers, and having the best time of my life all the f*cking time. And if you look on any social media outlet, that’s pretty much all you see. Obviously that’s not real life. Because real life can suck more often than you think it will. And all we can do is just deal with it the best we know how and lean on others who are willing to listen and help. So after all that non-sense, here are a few noteworthy things I wanted to share with you…

Reading…The Light We Lost. I couldn’t put it down. I read this in three days. The story captured me and my heart ached when I finished it.

Will be sitting down with these…10 questions on mid-year reflection.

In awe of this story…A trail of notes left across thousands of miles leads to a proposal at Starbucks.

Baking…these paleo sweet potato brownies and I can’t stop eating them. Incredibly fudgy and delicious!

Loving…this Instagram post because I could whole-heartedly relate.

Wishing…I was back at the lake house in Traverse City. I couldn’t tire of this view.


Thank you for reading today. I really hope your week is good. 🙂

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