Friday thoughts


I have felt very out-of-it this week. I’ve had this constant mind chatter going on and I’m making lists and running around constantly. I can’t seem to sit still. It was really tough making myself sit down to write today while I have laundry whirling around in the dryer, a class to program for, the perfect sunny weather beckoning me outside, and the last minute to-do’s for our upcoming wedding.

Summer is winding down. The inevitable is happening. The time of year I always dread is right around the corner. I can already feel the days getting a bit darker as I lock up the studio and head to my car in the evening. I feel the cooler temperatures when I get out of bed in the morning and reach for my bathrobe as I close the windows. School supplies line the aisles at Target, the first Badger football game is next Friday, and I already see pumpkin recipes popping up on Pinterest.

This summer has been full but only in the best ways. There has been a lot of ice cream consumed. So many walks around the pond. Farmer’s markets. Long bike rides. A trip to Michigan. Sunsets at the terrace. Iced coffees. Paddle-boarding. Chats at parks and the conservancy with my sister. Eating dinner outside. And walks around the Square. It’s been so lovely. And I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

As I head into this weekend, I want to remember to savor these last weeks of summer. I want to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun. Drive with the windows down. Eat summer produce. Get pedicures with my sisters. Laugh lots. And be grateful that this season always reminds me that life is good.

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