Thirty one things 

My twin sister and I turn thirty-one years old tomorrow and it felt right to start with a grateful heart. I loved turning thirty. It felt great to move past the twenties and onto a decade that also held so much opportunity and change. Thirty brought an engagement, lots of reading, trips to St. Thomas, Michigan, and New York, a harsh truth about my profession and embarking on a new endeavor, growing in my relationship with Tom, a wedding, and learning more about myself in regards to my needs and how to communicate them. It was a full year. It was one I am thankful for and one I believe that will set a foundation for some great things to come. So to celebrate thirty-one, here are thirty one things I am grateful for…

1. Fresh fall air

2. Sleeping well

3. Fresh apple bread, apple cider, and honey crisp apples from a local orchard


4. Tom’s enthusiasm for the small things in life. I’ve never seen anyone get so excited about a sub sandwich before but it makes me laugh and reminds me to be thankful for even the little things in life.

5. Kindness from a stranger-I bought groceries at Trader Joe’s last week and in my conversation with the cashier, I mentioned I had gotten married a few weeks ago. Before I left, he gave me a bouquet of flowers in congratulations. That store has the best customer service of any other grocery store.

6. Reading-Just finished this one and now onto this one. And I was so excited to see that Elin Hilderbrand came out with her final book of the “winter” series, “Winter Solstice.”

7. Brownies and ice cream-The perfect combination and coincidentally exactly what I requested for our birthday 🙂

8. Our CrossFit family

9. An able body

10. Old friends-One of the best weekends I’ve had was spent with the three amazing women I met while living in South Korea. It was like no time had passed and we picked up right where we left off.

11. Living in Madison-there is always something to do, see, try, and eat. I love that it still has a small town feel but still has the good amenities that I like about bigger cities. It’s a perfect in-between.


12. Barely scraping by financially but somehow making it work

13. Faith and having a wonderful church to go to on Sunday mornings

14. Pumpkin chocolate chip scones from a diner within walking distance of our apartment.

15. Sisters-how cute are they in this photo?


16. A library down the street

17. A great food scene-I will never get bored of everything Madison has to offer.

18. Podcasts-Especially loving “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations”

19. The Office-This show always makes me laugh and I’ve finally made it into the last season which I have never seen before.

20. My parents-They have always been incredibly supportive and for that I am thankful.

21. Spotify playlists-especially “Autumn Acoustic” and “Evening Jazz”

22. Coffee-Just recently purchased a french press so now we have three different ways to make our coffee in the mornings. Always good to have options.

23. Oprah magazine-Everything this woman does is fantastic.

24. This blog on “10 books that feel like Fall

25. Photos of Tom and I, our family, and friends at our wedding. We are getting some printed and buying some new frames to spruce up our shelves.


26. A new marriage

27. A short trip to Rocky Mountain National Park later this month

28. Walks to the pond-I have no idea how many times I have walked this two-mile loop from our apartment and around Stricker’s Pond, but it never gets old.

29. Any opportunity to bake, cook, try new recipes, and eat great food

30. A dream of owning our own business and the potential to make it come true

31. A full life. A life to live not to just exist. Each birthday is a reminder for me to stay grateful for all the blessings God has given me and it’s my responsibility to use these gifts to serve others.

Here is to thirty one. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

I hope you have a lovely fall weekend!

2 thoughts on “Thirty one things ”

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! The pictures are gorgeous and you look so happy 🙂 Happy Birthday too! The thirties are pretty amazing!

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