Now that we are well into fall and the days are shorter, darker, and chillier, I have felt a bit off. We haven’t seen the sun since Monday. My schedule at work has been lighter due to clients being sick or traveling for their jobs. And in regards to a new project, there are a lot of ideas and working parts but nothing has been set in stone. So I feel like I’m hanging out in limbo, a bit unsure of what I should be working on and how to occupy my time. I feel like I’m in need of a way to reconnect with my soul’s purpose.

IMG_0937 (1)

When I begin to feel this way, there are usually some tried and true things I can do to help get me back on track-spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I hope you might find these useful too if you are feeling a bit off lately…

Go on a walk-Fresh air, quiet, and alone time. Those are the three things that almost always help my soul re-calibrate.

Listen to jazz and read a good book-Sometimes losing myself in someone else’s world is just what I need to occupy my mind and give all the worrying a rest for awhile. I almost always feel recharged afterwards.

Make a nourishing home-cooked meal-Anything that requires some chopping, simmering, and some dedicated time to the process can once again give my mind the break it needs.

Connect with friends over coffee-Oftentimes I feel like I’m on my own lonely island during the week and crave some real connection with those that know me best. Catching up over lunch or coffee or a walk always brightens my day and reminds me to be grateful.

Go to a yoga class-I have been going to the 6:30 am class usually once or twice a week and I love starting my day this way. I don’t look at my phone or do any work until after class and I have gotten home. This allows me to start my day by taking care of myself first.

Listen to Emily’s “The Next Right Thing” podcast-She has a lovely, soothing voice and her podcasts are nice and short, usually only 15 minutes. Sometimes I’ll listen to one on my commute to work or before I go to bed and it helps clear my headspace and have a single-point focus.

Make a small step-Take action, even in a tiny way. When all else fails, it’s time for me to get moving. Clean out that drawer, make a budget, write down that idea, send that email, get the wheels moving. I always feel a bit more organized and accomplished when I’ve made a step in the right direction.


Happy Friday to you and hope you have a lovely weekend!

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