the good ol’ days

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I’ve been learning a tough lesson the past decade and I still can’t seem to fully grasp it. It trips me up constantly especially when I’m in a place of total overwhelm. But I’m beginning to get it, even if only a little bit more each year of my life. And here it is…where you are right now, this very minute, these are the good ol’ days. Inevitably, some day in the future, I will look back at this very point in my life and say to myself, “Those were the good ol’ days. I thought it was tough, but I had no idea how good I had it.”

I have this bad habit of always being a slave to my to-do list and never being in the here and now. Maybe you have the same bad habit. I have a feeling it’s pretty common. This week has been overwhelming. Tom and I received some great news last week and it has pushed us into an amazing opportunity way faster than we could have ever anticipated. This week has been full of meetings, emails, and a growing to-do list. We are in over our heads. I’m completely terrified. And excited. So naturally I start daydreaming about when life was just a little less scattered. A little more slow. And with a little more time to laugh and play.

However, this time right now is laying the groundwork for (hopefully) success in the future. There isn’t any way around it. And in order for Tom and I to move towards our dream, we have to put our heads down and work through it. I know that right now will be the easy stuff in a few years. It might feel crazy and frenzied, but I have a feeling that’s it’s only the beginning. We have to start building our thick skin, our resiliency, and mental toughness now. So it would seem that these days, right now, are the good ol’ days.

Which leads me to the next cliche that keeps popping up in my life, be here now. Don’t wish you were younger, with less responsibility. Don’t wish you were five years older, and wiser and no longer in this position. Right now is where the lessons are learned, the foundation is laid, and the work is done. But also, right now is all we have. And yes, I know how cliche that is as well, but honestly, let it sink in. Have fun too. Sit on the couch with your sister and talk for hours. Make time for date night. Cuddle your friend’s kids. Order the burger and sweet potato fries over the boring salad. And practice gratitude. It’s Thanksgiving in two weeks after all.

Cheers to Friday 🙂

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