2017 year in review

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I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family. I didn’t take any photos or post on social media (this is my normal though) but we had a great time. The food was delicious, we played games, laughed, and enjoyed the time we had together. My poor dad was sick though and I unfortunately caught his terrible flu bug. I’ve been feeling quite miserable the past couple of days and can’t wait to kick this thing. The frigid, below-zero temperatures in Madison have been forcing everyone to stay indoors and I think it’s been promoting a lot of germ-spreading. I hope you are staying healthy!

As we make our way through the last week of December, I always set time aside to take a look back over the year and reflect. I love to gather up my favorite end-of-year questions and share them on the blog so you can do your own reflections. Try to do this when you aren’t distracted, it’s quiet, and you have no time constraints.

When you’re ready, let’s look back on 2017…

Memorable moments from the year (what were your top 5?)…

What are you most proud of? (Did you forget to celebrate this accomplishment? If so, do so today!)

What patterns did you recognize from the year?

What lessons were learned?

New skills developed…

Areas in which you’d like to grow…

What are you ready to let go of–habits, beliefs, attitudes, obligations, outdated goals, etc.–that is not serving you?

What would you tell yourself this time, last year?

Now, looking forward to 2018…

Where do you want to see yourself in one year?

What do you want to see? discover? explore?

What skills do you want to learn? improve? master?

What would you like to do more of this year?

What would make life ridiculously fun?

If you started doing it today, what would have the most positive impact on your life?

If you stopped doing it today, what would have the most positive impact on your life?

Finally, write down any goals or intentions you have for the new year.

A few of mine will include paying off my car loan, participating in the 2018 reading challenge, and taking one solo meditative walk each week.

Favorite posts from the year:


20 things that make me happy

what I learned this spring

what I learned this summer

what I learned this fall

thirty one things


I wish you a very happy 2018!

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