Five things

Good morning and happy Friday! How was your week? The first half my week was a bit all over the place and lacked any sort of schedule but I think we are making some good progress on the business front which is awesome! We hosted our first free pop-up workout in Waunakee on Tuesday evening which was a lot of fun. I connected with a local brewery to possibly host more free workouts this summer. The architects submitted their plans to the city for approval and permits, and the builders will be working on the final bid. It’s all moving in the right direction which is a good feeling to have moving into the weekend 🙂

I was inspired to bring back “five things Friday” because it has always served as a great reminder for me to practice gratitude. I don’t have a regular “gratitude” practice but when I did, writing down five things that I felt lucky to have or was thankful for helped me see out my current situation and focus on the good stuff. So here are my five things currently…

1. Sleeping well-I’ve been trying to turn off Netflix by 9 and be in bed just before 10 and I’ve been sleeping like a rock. A good night’s sleep is everything.

2. The Oprah magazine-I love getting this in the mail each month and the content is always soul-centered, meaning it’s not full of celebrities and diet-talk. It’s about good books to read, has amazing contributors (love Elizabeth Gilbert), and asks a “big” question each month (this month’s was “what would make you happy?”).

3. My partner in life and in business-Tom is the best in both. He has great ideas, works hard every day, is honest and genuine, and keeps his focus on the big picture. I’m not just gushing here. Having incredible people in our lives is important, if not the MOST important thing. And being grateful for them each day helps to never take them for granted.

4. Going out on a week night-A friend told us about free concerts happening on the Monona Terrace on Thursday evenings in the summer so after Tom and I got done training for the night, we headed downtown. We packed a dinner consisting of Trader Joe’s wraps, kombucha, and chocolate covered pretzels and happened to run into friends when we got there. It was a perfect summer evening and made it broke up the monotony of our week.

5. Writing down goals-I was inspired by this blog post to write down goals/dreams in the categories of “personal/professional/travel.” It took a bit of time but forced me to really think about my idea of success, contentment, and the direction in which I want my life to go. Have you done this before? What surprised you?

What are five things you are grateful for? I hope you have a happy summer weekend!

2 thoughts on “Five things”

  1. CONGRATS ON THE BIZ GETTING GOING KELLY! Can’t wait to hear all about it! YA’LL ARE DOING IT!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 yaaaaas #bossssss

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