Things I still want to do this summer

As I marked off a day on our whiteboard calendar hanging in the kitchen, it struck me. Where did the summer go? We were nearing the last full week of July. What had I even done to enjoy this season? Sure, there had been the occasional outdoor walks and bike rides. And a couple get-togethers with friends. And a weekend trip to Michigan with my family. There had been a few things. But I couldn’t help but think about the emotional cloud hovering over my head.

Tom has been gone for two weeks and he still wouldn’t be home for another week. I was feeling frustrated and defeated each day that passed when nothing was getting built for our gym. My hope was that Tom would come home and we would drive to the space together and see all the work that had been completed. I wanted to see the concrete floor laid down and the wall being constructed. I wanted to see things getting done. Seeing this would make it seem like we were moving forward. Instead, emails and phone calls about delays, timelines set back several weeks, and the end of the month crept up with nothing to show for it.

There was no doubt I was exhausted after several sleepless nights. My anxiety had gotten the best of me. Each day I would only look forward to the end of it. As I sat on the couch writing this post, I realized that there was still plenty of summer to enjoy. I couldn’t control what was going on with the construction (or lack thereof) of our new gym. And being stressed each day wasn’t serving me. I hated feeling this way. I wanted calm, freedom, space to breathe, and time away from my inbox.

With those few things motivating me, I made a list of things I wanted to do in order to enjoy what was left of this beautiful season.


walk around downtown on a Saturday morning, eat another delicious breakfast croissant, and enjoy the terrace

walk to the newly renovated Bloom Bindery in downtown Middleton and buy a sweet treat

go on more bike rides

take more night time walks with good conversation

grill out at my parents’ house and eat outside in the backyard

take more photos of the lake and my favorite places around the city

drive to Devil’s Lake and enjoy an afternoon hiking

create space each day for myself. A walk, listen to a podcast, read. Uninterrupted time so I can start to see the big picture again.

cook meals with fresh, in-season vegetables


If you had to make a list of things you wanted to do before the end of your summer, what would be on it? I would love to hear from you 🙂

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