the good ol’ days

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I’ve been learning a tough lesson the past decade and I still can’t seem to fully grasp it. It trips me up constantly especially when I’m in a place of total overwhelm. But I’m beginning to get it, even if only a little bit more each year of my life. And here it is…where you are right now, this very minute, these are the good ol’ days. Inevitably, some day in the future, I will look back at this very point in my life and say to myself, “Those were the good ol’ days. I thought it was tough, but I had no idea how good I had it.” Continue reading “the good ol’ days”



Good morning! I wasn’t able to write last week and I feel like an update post and sharing some of my favorite links from the week is a great start!

It’s Friday and we have made our way into another month! I glanced at our November calendar hanging on our kitchen wall and it looks be a full month, but not in a hectic and loathsome way. There are Saturdays marked with mornings at work, a Friendsgiving, two Thanksgivings with family, the 5k Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving morning, Tom’s drill dates for the Army, a date night penciled in, my mom’s birthday, and work meetings scattered around. I get to work this Saturday morning and then head over to a friend’s house for a home-cooked meal and some much-needed girlfriend time. It’s been a super fast week over here and a really great one too. Tom and I got back from our short trip to Colorado on Sunday afternoon and had plenty of time to hit the grocery store, do some laundry, and cook dinner before the week began.  Continue reading “Lately”

Friday thoughts 

On Wednesday morning Tom and I decided to take a short trip to Devil’s Lake in the morning. We had just bought some new hiking shoes in preparation for our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and wanted to try them out. We didn’t have any meetings to attend and no pressing things to do that morning, so we decided to take advantage. It was a perfect fall day. The sun was shining and the park smelled like that wonderful sweet leaves smell I can’t get enough of this time of year. img_0387 Continue reading “Friday thoughts “


Now that we are well into fall and the days are shorter, darker, and chillier, I have felt a bit off. We haven’t seen the sun since Monday. My schedule at work has been lighter due to clients being sick or traveling for their jobs. And in regards to a new project, there are a lot of ideas and working parts but nothing has been set in stone. So I feel like I’m hanging out in limbo, a bit unsure of what I should be working on and how to occupy my time. I feel like I’m in need of a way to reconnect with my soul’s purpose. Continue reading “re-calibrate”

Thirty one things 

My twin sister and I turn thirty-one years old tomorrow and it felt right to start with a grateful heart. I loved turning thirty. It felt great to move past the twenties and onto a decade that also held so much opportunity and change. Thirty brought an engagement, lots of reading, trips to St. Thomas, Michigan, and New York, a harsh truth about my profession and embarking on a new endeavor, growing in my relationship with Tom, a wedding, and learning more about myself in regards to my needs and how to communicate them. It was a full year. It was one I am thankful for and one I believe that will set a foundation for some great things to come. So to celebrate thirty-one, here are thirty one things I am grateful for… Continue reading “Thirty one things “