Friday thoughts

My sister sent me this article on Wednesday afternoon and it made me wonder when the last time was I turned my phone off for three days and truly unplugged for awhile.

I realized the answer was never. I have never turned my phone off for days. Not checked my email. Not scrolled through Instagram. Not checked my feedly and read blog posts or pinned recipes onto my Pinterest board. Not once since I bought my first smart phone which was about four years ago. There is something very wrong with that. I mean, how is that possible? How have I never gone off the grid for even a day? Continue reading “Friday thoughts”

Weekend recap and what I’m looking forward to

It’s Monday morning already and I’m so very happy to see the sunshine peak through the skylight in our loft.

Unfortunately the sun didn’t make an appearance at all this weekend so it was a bit of a slower weekend since we weren’t out and about as much as we like to be when the weather is nice.

Saturday we got up and headed to our CrossFit gym to join the 9 am workout. The workout was way harder than I expected it to be but it was still fun to move, do some Olympic weightlifting, and see some people we don’t usually see during the week! Continue reading “Weekend recap and what I’m looking forward to”

Friday favorites

mary oliver quotesource

It’s Friday morning and I hope that this post finds you while you are eating a big, delicious breakfast, drinking coffee (or your favorite breakfast beverage), and dreaming up plans for the weekend. The weather took a turn for the worse here in Madison unfortunately and we have no sun in the forecast but we do have a lot of rain, clouds, and cold temperatures. A bit of a bummer because everything I like to do is focused around being outside. So, I’ll have to be creative this weekend! What about for you? What’s going on for your weekend?

This week flew by actually and I have that feeling again of “life is moving way too quickly!”. As the weather warms up, I feel like everyone tries to take full advantage of it. We go on walks and bike rides, go to farmer’s markets, grill out with family and friends, travel more, make more plans, and try to enjoy this season as much as we possibly can. I think this is awesome, but it also makes time go by even quicker so it seems. I took a few walks this week and realized that I want to blog more. I was hit with inspiration for some new blog posts that I’m looking forward to putting together for you. I was also thinking about what the heck I’m going to do with my life. A pretty ambiguous question but one I ask myself a whole lot. Do you find yourself asking this question a lot too? I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s neither. But regardless, I found this beautiful print of Mary Oliver’s quote (“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”) and only wish I could answer that question! Right now, God only knows. But I do know that I want to share these favorites with you from the week 🙂

Continue reading “Friday favorites”