What’s holding you back?

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I had a meeting earlier this week that was incredibly eye-opening Over the holidays I had let fear and doubt seep into every corner of my being and I could no longer see the possibility in front of me. I only saw the negative. This was brought to my attention and I was told it to push it back down. Fear and doubt are the two biggest thieves of happiness and they were constantly on my shoulder telling me that I wouldn’t ever be successful. The story I was telling myself was that I can’t do hard things. I’m not strong enough. I don’t have the grit. I don’t have what it takes. It is my responsibility to not let that fear and doubt ever get big enough where it clouds what I see and want for my life. Continue reading “What’s holding you back?”


2017 year in review

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I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family. I didn’t take any photos or post on social media (this is my normal though) but we had a great time. The food was delicious, we played games, laughed, and enjoyed the time we had together. My poor dad was sick though and I unfortunately caught his terrible flu bug. I’ve been feeling quite miserable the past couple of days and can’t wait to kick this thing. The frigid, below-zero temperatures in Madison have been forcing everyone to stay indoors and I think it’s been promoting a lot of germ-spreading. I hope you are staying healthy! Continue reading “2017 year in review”

Friday favorites

(This is a tree I came across on my walk around the pond. I love that someone took the time to hang ornaments and bows from it.)

I haven’t slept well this week which means that I’ve been complaining and way crankier than usual. I’ve always been sensitive to sleep and if I don’t get enough, my mental and emotional health really suffer. I took Tom up on his offer to go grocery shopping for me yesterday and had the intention of trying to sneak in a quick nap, but of course I did everything but nap. I’ve also been lacking in Christmas spirit. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve watched no Christmas movies, we didn’t put up a tree this year, and I haven’t listened to hardly any Christmas music. But I have eaten my fair share of gingerbread cookies. So…that may count for something. How is your Christmas spirit? What has helped you get into the giving, Christmas mood? Let me know please! Continue reading “Friday favorites”


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I’ve been dealing with more anxiety than usual lately. In all forms-sleep anxiety (I have to sleep well tonight because it’ll be a long day tomorrow), food anxiety (did I need that brownie and ice cream?), workout anxiety (I should have gone to the gym today), financial anxiety (I still have several gifts to buy for Christmas and I just don’t have the funds to support this season right now), and professional anxiety (we had a setback and now our timeline is pushed further out than anticipated. My motivation is waning and I feel tired). I have gotten to the end of each day feeling completely depleted. I can’t wait until my head hits the pillow. I didn’t understand why I felt this way until I sat down today to write. I think my anxiety has been getting the best of me this week. Continue reading “Lately”

What I learned this fall

img_0450As November nears its end this week, I realized it was time to write my season summary. These past three months have been a complete whirlwind. September began with our wedding, an amazing trip to New York for a reunion with friends, numerous meetings with banks in regards to a business loan, turning 31 at the beginning of October, celebrating Tom’s 28th birthday a week after, taking a trip out to Colorado, starting and then abruptly stopping a Whole30, celebrating my mom’s birthday, Friendsgiving, running the Berbee Derby, and finally celebrating Thanksgiving. And that brings us right up to speed. Here are a few things the past few months have offered me in knowledge… Continue reading “What I learned this fall”