img_0353It’s been awhile since I sat down and started writing in this space. I won’t say that I’ve been “too busy” because I can’t stand when people say that. As we all know, if something is important enough to us, we make time for it. But it’s not that this space isn’t important to me. It’s just that several times this month when I found myself sitting at my desk ready to write my Friday post, there were no words. Or maybe too many words. Words about our wedding. Words about work. Words about an amazing weekend reuniting with old friends. Words about friendships changing. Words about the messiness of life. Words about faith. And then…it was just too much of a jumbled mess to put anything to print. And so I shut my laptop and didn’t write. For weeks. Continue reading “Lately…”


What I learned this summer

Happy Friday and September 1st! We have officially moved into the fall months. Before I buy my favorite Leaves candles from Bath and Body Works and attend the first football game of the season, I wanted to pause and reflect on those lovely summer months that always pass so quickly. Here are a few things I’ve learned…
Good times are fleeting. Bad times are fleeting. Reminding myself of this has helped me stay present and help cope with the bad but also really enjoy the good stuff. Continue reading “What I learned this summer”

Friday thoughts


I have felt very out-of-it this week. I’ve had this constant mind chatter going on and I’m making lists and running around constantly. I can’t seem to sit still. It was really tough making myself sit down to write today while I have laundry whirling around in the dryer, a class to program for, the perfect sunny weather beckoning me outside, and the last minute to-do’s for our upcoming wedding. Continue reading “Friday thoughts”

Friday favorites


Good morning and happy Friday! How was your week? What do you have going on this weekend? My week was pretty standard and I’m starting to feel a little bit of stress with trying to finalize wedding things but other than that, all is well. I have a pretty open weekend, no work for me this Saturday and only dinner plans on Saturday night but that is the extent of the plans. I’m looking forward to a slower weekend since August is flying! Continue reading “Friday favorites”

Friday thoughts

Life lately hasn’t been all sunshine and smooth sailing. I’ve been faced with some harsh realities that I’m having a tough time navigating. I’m not sure what to do next. I don’t know who to talk to, how to progress, or what the next step should be. I’m paralyzed.

I know this is a common human feeling. We’ve all been there before and we’ve come out the other side. Usually along the way we’ve learned a valuable lesson, developed some extra tough skin, or maybe dramatically changed the course of one’s life. Continue reading “Friday thoughts”