Taking back Sunday


Hey guys! Hope your Monday is off to a great start! How was your weekend? Can you believe that this is our last week of August? And why does it seem like this month went by faster than all the others? I hope that you were able to get some things done this weekend, but most of all, I hope you were able to enjoy some time away from work and spend it with loved ones, sharing great food, and relaxing. I was lucky enough to do all of those things this past weekend and I’m feeling recharged, blessed, and thankful.

This wasn’t always the case though. I typically would dread Sundays. I would wake up listing off to-dos on my mental checklist and negative thoughts about the impending work week would weave their way into my head space all before 8 AM. It was a terrible way to start a Sunday. Bottom line, it was a terrible way to start any day.

I mean, Sundays are a key part of the much anticipated, looked forward to, and loved weekends. It’s a day we can devote to the things we love and need such as sleeping in, eating a delicious breakfast, taking long naps, and spending time with friends and family. Sure, it’s also a time for chores, errands, and food prep. But we don’t have to look at those things as just must-do’s and obligations. I like to do these things because it sets my week up to run smoothly and efficiently. I have a spotless apartment to come home to after a long day, clean clothes to wear, and a recipe to cook for dinner.

Being surrounded by mindful people during my every day has also allowed me to adapt a different perspective. They live each day as it happens. They never look to the future with dread but rather with feelings of excitement, acceptance, and faith. Having the “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it” mentality seems to weed out all the worries and frustrations that aren’t serving them in any way. The “Sunday dread” is completely non-existent. How awesome would that be?

Yesterday was a full day. And I’ll be honest, there were a few feelings of dread when thinking about the early commute to work the next morning. But I tried my hardest to not let that overshadow the beautiful weather, productivity, down-time, and spending the evening laughing with the best company. It’s about time I look forward to Sunday and for all the good things that this day can bring.

I hope your Sunday was wonderful and that you are looking forward to your week ahead! See you Friday!

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