20 things that make me happy


A very happy Friday to you! March is winding down already and this week in particular went quite fast. How did the week go for you? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

I was sick all week and decided to stay home from work on Monday hoping the extra rest would help kick this awful cold, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. Sleep hasn’t been good, my nose is raw from constant tissue-use, and my chest burns whenever I cough. So I’ve been a treat to live with this week. I haven’t been working out like I usually do during the week which is what I look forward to in my day-to-day so I’ve been missing that as well. But with being sick and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to create a list of twenty things that make me happy, prompted by the “Rock your happy” newsletter. I needed to do something to break me out of my woe-is-me attitude, but also to remind me that gratitude is a best practice that I need to do more of. Here are my twenty things: Continue reading “20 things that make me happy”


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Good morning and happy Friday to you! I know some people are celebrating the beginning of March Madness and some are celebrating St. Patrick’s day. I’m just celebrating the fact that it’s Friday. 🙂

I took a look at my schedule for the weekend and felt a bit robbed. I work on Saturday for a few hours and then we are going to an Escape Room with some of Tom’s friends that afternoon. We are also celebrating my dad’s birthday on Sunday with brunch and then we will be heading to church on Sunday evening for their “Newcomer’s class.” In the midst of these things, we have all of the usual weekend things like laundry, some food prep, cleaning, programming for clients and classes for the upcoming week, and hitting up the sale at Kohl’s to maybe score some sandals for our vacation that is fast approaching. All of these things are good and I’m looking forward to them. But I also realize how much I enjoy when my time isn’t so scheduled out. Continue reading “plans”

Friday things 3.10.17

Happy Friday morning! I hope this post finds you well, maybe eating a delightful breakfast or sipping on some hot coffee and enjoying the quiet of the morning. I hope your week rounded out nicely for you and that you are looking forward to what the weekend has to offer. I know I always look forward to the weekends and with only a haircut scheduled and a few errands to run, it’s pretty open to spontaneous weekend things. We’ve had blustery windy days here this week and it’s going to be rather cold this weekend unfortunately but I hope to still get out for a walk or two to enjoy some fresh air. What sort of things do you have planned?

I have been receiving the “Rock your happy” newsletter since the start of the year, and though I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, I absolutely love it. One of the daily prompts was to schedule more fun/things that make you happy into your days. I’ve been trying to do this, even in the smallest of ways, and it’s helped keep me more positive this week. Here are a few of the things I tried that I loved… Continue reading “Friday things 3.10.17”

Friday favorites 3.3.17

Happy Friday! I have been missing this space and I felt out of sorts when I wasn’t able to write last week. The past few weeks have been challenging professionally and I just wanted to chalk it up to the winter blues, but I also know that I can’t ignore these things either. So I’m trying to get creative and think of other avenues to explore. But, how about you? How did this week treat you?

I am very much looking forward to this weekend. I am finally getting together with some long-lost girlfriends on Saturday evening. I also have plans to finish the book I’m reading, take a walk outside, and enjoy some down time. Ahhh, the life indeed. I really can’t wait.

Before the weekend gets underway, I’d love to share a few favorites of mine lately… Continue reading “Friday favorites 3.3.17”

Friday things…

Happy Friday morning to you! Fridays feel so good especially when the sun is shining and the weekend is supposed to be sixties and sunny! I feel like everyone has spring fever and will take full advantage of this beautiful weekend with lots of walks, bike rides, runs, and maybe even some open windows (I most definitely will be opening up our sky light for some fresh air :)). How about you? What are your plans this weekend?

This week did go by pretty quickly but it definitely had some challenges. The workout our gym did on Monday destroyed me for most of the week. The muscle soreness I felt in my legs was about as sore as I was post-marathon…meaning, I could barely walk properly. I don’t mind being sore, but I do hate debilitating soreness. Additionally, I had some challenging coaching calls this week which definitely took the wind out of my sails and had me questioning why I do what I do. But, there are always bright spots in the day. Here are a few I wanted to share with you… Continue reading “Friday things…”