Now that we are well into fall and the days are shorter, darker, and chillier, I have felt a bit off. We haven’t seen the sun since Monday. My schedule at work has been lighter due to clients being sick or traveling for their jobs. And in regards to a new project, there are a lot of ideas and working parts but nothing has been set in stone. So I feel like I’m hanging out in limbo, a bit unsure of what I should be working on and how to occupy my time. I feel like I’m in need of a way to reconnect with my soul’s purpose.

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When I begin to feel this way, there are usually some tried and true things I can do to help get me back on track-spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I hope you might find these useful too if you are feeling a bit off lately…

Go on a walk-Fresh air, quiet, and alone time. Those are the three things that almost always help my soul re-calibrate.

Listen to jazz and read a good book-Sometimes losing myself in someone else’s world is just what I need to occupy my mind and give all the worrying a rest for awhile. I almost always feel recharged afterwards.

Make a nourishing home-cooked meal-Anything that requires some chopping, simmering, and some dedicated time to the process can once again give my mind the break it needs.

Connect with friends over coffee-Oftentimes I feel like I’m on my own lonely island during the week and crave some real connection with those that know me best. Catching up over lunch or coffee or a walk always brightens my day and reminds me to be grateful.

Go to a yoga class-I have been going to the 6:30 am class usually once or twice a week and I love starting my day this way. I don’t look at my phone or do any work until after class and I have gotten home. This allows me to start my day by taking care of myself first.

Listen to Emily’s “The Next Right Thing” podcast-She has a lovely, soothing voice and her podcasts are nice and short, usually only 15 minutes. Sometimes I’ll listen to one on my commute to work or before I go to bed and it helps clear my headspace and have a single-point focus.

Make a small step-Take action, even in a tiny way. When all else fails, it’s time for me to get moving. Clean out that drawer, make a budget, write down that idea, send that email, get the wheels moving. I always feel a bit more organized and accomplished when I’ve made a step in the right direction.


Happy Friday to you and hope you have a lovely weekend!


Thirty one things 

My twin sister and I turn thirty-one years old tomorrow and it felt right to start with a grateful heart. I loved turning thirty. It felt great to move past the twenties and onto a decade that also held so much opportunity and change. Thirty brought an engagement, lots of reading, trips to St. Thomas, Michigan, and New York, a harsh truth about my profession and embarking on a new endeavor, growing in my relationship with Tom, a wedding, and learning more about myself in regards to my needs and how to communicate them. It was a full year. It was one I am thankful for and one I believe that will set a foundation for some great things to come. So to celebrate thirty-one, here are thirty one things I am grateful for… Continue reading “Thirty one things “


img_0353It’s been awhile since I sat down and started writing in this space. I won’t say that I’ve been “too busy” because I can’t stand when people say that. As we all know, if something is important enough to us, we make time for it. But it’s not that this space isn’t important to me. It’s just that several times this month when I found myself sitting at my desk ready to write my Friday post, there were no words. Or maybe too many words. Words about our wedding. Words about work. Words about an amazing weekend reuniting with old friends. Words about friendships changing. Words about the messiness of life. Words about faith. And then…it was just too much of a jumbled mess to put anything to print. And so I shut my laptop and didn’t write. For weeks. Continue reading “Lately…”

What I learned this summer

Happy Friday and September 1st! We have officially moved into the fall months. Before I buy my favorite Leaves candles from Bath and Body Works and attend the first football game of the season, I wanted to pause and reflect on those lovely summer months that always pass so quickly. Here are a few things I’ve learned…
Good times are fleeting. Bad times are fleeting. Reminding myself of this has helped me stay present and help cope with the bad but also really enjoy the good stuff. Continue reading “What I learned this summer”

Friday thoughts


I have felt very out-of-it this week. I’ve had this constant mind chatter going on and I’m making lists and running around constantly. I can’t seem to sit still. It was really tough making myself sit down to write today while I have laundry whirling around in the dryer, a class to program for, the perfect sunny weather beckoning me outside, and the last minute to-do’s for our upcoming wedding. Continue reading “Friday thoughts”